Sunday, May 17, 2009

Fishing 450

Approximately a month after patch 3.1 hit, I reached 450 Fishing, having started at 0. A month to reach 450 seems damn good to me and I don't think that would have been possible previous to the patch, with my rhythm.

On the other hand I found that once you get over 350 you can stop worrying about your skill, assuming you have a few items of that give bonuses to fishing.

During this month I was lucky to have a few rare items drop for me and I also managed to equip myself with some good fishing gear:

I have yet to see any of the bucket croc pets from the Shattrath daily and I haven't had a single fishing line drop, which is a bit sad, as I was hoping to enchant my fishing pole. Furthermore, no Tiny Titanium Lockbox has dropped from the Dalaran daily.

Overall, I'm pretty satisfied with my fishing exploits post-3.1. My combined fishing skill (after all the bonuses) is 562 which means I can damn well fish anywhere in the game without getting junk.

Once again, I will heartily recommend Fishing Buddy which is an awesome addon for fishing. It just makes your life as a fisherman a lot easier and best of all, it tells you how many casts you need until you gain a skill point.

The only thing that bugs me right now is the Shattrath fishing daily. I'm tired of doing both the fishing AND the cooking dailies but unfortunately there doesn't seem to be an end to them until I get all the bucket pets and the remaining cooking recipes that I need. I just hope luck REALLY shines my way and all 4 bucket pets drop in 4 consecutive days. Fat chance.


TB said...

You are patient. I have been doing the Dalaran fishing daily somewhat regularly and my fishing is still only a little over 400. I lost patience with the Shat fishing daily long ago and never got any of the crocs.

Also, I had taken a break from WoW for six months or so before WOTLK came out, so I had never done the cooking daily in Shat until after I hit 80. I suffered through it for about two weeks straight before I got tired of traveling all over Outland and then burning my hearth. The time to potential reward ratio just wasn't enough to warrant the continued abuse. I did pick up a recipe or two that I didn't have, but after a little wowhead research I determined the rest of the recipes could be attained from the Dalaran cooking daily and I left the Shat cooking (and fishing) daily behind. Even though I quit the Shat daily, I still got all of the remaining rare recipes I needed WELL BEFORE I recieved enough cooking awards to purchase all of the recipes from the vendor in Dalaran. True to form, the Delicious Chocolate Cake recipe was the last rare one I picked up, but when I finally got it I immediately celebrated in Dalaran by eating cake and shooting fireworks out of my head. The Chef title is the one I still proudly display because it definitely took the most work to get.

My point was that I probably could have skipped the Shat daily altogether (or only did it long enough to get the achievement) and still gotten everything I needed before I could cook the remaining recipes for the Chef title.

One last note: targeting those stupid Kaliari birds is a PITA. I don't care if I ever see one of those things again.

Darth Solo said...

Lol you made me laugh at the last part. I can dig your dislike of the Shat cooking/fishing dailies. I can't wait to get those over with. To get the Cook title I still need about 3 recipes and I don't see them drop this year :D

I too started doing the Shat cooking/fishing dailies after Wrath, in fact after 3.1 so I could get the titles. They're both a bummer.

As for 450 fishing, like I said, I didn't even notice it. I just fished normally, doing my dailies and that's it.

Shawn said...

Hey, this is a great site. As a soloist by circumstance (American living in Australia playing on a US server, so usually things are empty) I'm finding a lot of good tips and information here. It took me a long time to get any professions for my DK, as I couldn't be bothered.
Just from quests and auction stuff I had enough gold to get my low speed flying mount set up, though after reading your site, I wish I hadn't. But, thanks to you I am now in process of grinding mining/skinning up to Northrend levels (I'm lvl 71) so that I can keep building up enough cash to get that high speed mount! I'll have to find enough time to work on fishing and cooking as well, though it'll probably be after I hit 80. I find it really hard to sit and just fish when I could be out questing.
Anyway, thanks muchly for the excellent blog. I'll definitely be checking it daily.

Darth Solo said...

Thanks Shawn! While leveling I think the best way to earn gold is just to complete all the quests in a zone before moving to the next. If you also couple that with 1-2 gathering professions, you should be set.

I would advise fishing and cooking at 80 too. They simply require too much static grinding for my taste. Especially fishing. On the other hand, you could try leveling fishing slowly as you go, while picking up any nodes that you encounter. You'll probably get lucky and have the Turtle mount drop on you. Make sure you get Exalted with the Kalu'Ak for that excellent fishing pole. And good luck!

Anonymous said...

Whenever my girlfriend calls on the phone, I send my lvl 28 hunter to Howling Fjord via the Menethil boat.
With the changes in fishing, I can now drop my cork anywhere. Even though I'm picking up a lot of trash, I get fish too.
On my server, one glacial salmon sells for one gold.
On half hour conversation with my girlfriend can earn me 10 to 15 gold, which is fantastic for a lvl 28.
I stand right next to the Fishing Trainer and can hit two pools. The fish I want are not in pools (glacial salmon), so I just keep fishing while saying "uh huh, you don't say, I told you she was crazy!"

Darth Solo said...

Hah that's a good one dude! Yak yak yak eh?
I think that's a better tip than most people realize initially.