Monday, April 20, 2009

Fishing Rocks!

I know you're hearing this a lot lately but I'm totally in love with the "new and improved", post-3.1 fishing.

This morning I got another reason for loving it so much: the Weather-Beaten Fishing Hat dropped on me from the Dalaran fishing daily. It seems that luck has been following me around this past week, what with the lucky drop of a Book of Glyph Mastery which brought me some cool cash and the Sea Turtle that I got just yesterday. Once more, this latest drop has to be a fluke. After all, it was the third time I was doing the fishing daily.

Here's my hunter in "full" fishing gear, well, at least what I have so far, namely the Kalu'ak Fishing Pole and the Weather-Beaten Fishing Hat. Handsome devil, ain't he?

Now the beauty of the Weather-Beaten Fishing Hat is that not only does it give a +5 bonus to fishing, but when used, it applies a +75 lure to your fishing pole. The lure has a 10 minute duration with a 10 minute cooldown, which in effect means that you will always have a free +75 lure at your disposal. Pretty frackin' sweet right!


Mr. Menagerie said...

CongraTz! That's a sweet where's my pole it's time to fish ;)

Skaut said...

Grats! I still haven't gotten the hat on my main. Got it on an alt that rarely ever fishes, but my main...nope!

I have 4 fishers amongst my alts(one isn't to Dalaran yet). So far in the Dalaran dailies, my mage got the Bone Fishing Pole, but I've gotten nothing good otherwise. My rogue has 2 of the crocs, but my main(druid) has none.

Sure wish I could find one of those Glyph books though-no way I'm paying the AH price for one right now!

Darth Solo said...

Umm... I'm gonna write an article on getting cooking and fishing on more than 1 character. IMO, it's not worth it, but hey, whatever works for you!

Skaut said...

Well, of my 4 characters that I do this most with-2 are Horde on 1 realm, 1 is Alliance on same realm, and 4th is Alliance on another realm. The first 2, I only started doing more with my rogue because I expected him to become my main because I love him so much! But I just haven't given up on my druid yet(she has the Chef title, he is not really close to it). They cook for my army of Horde alts(and my family's). And my Alliance characters cook for all my alts on Alli side on each server. They are all in guilds that only consist of myself, my husband and my daughter's characters, so it all works out pretty good!