Sunday, April 19, 2009

Woot! Sea Turtle!

This patch is getting better by the day. Having just picked up fishing on my hunter main, I had the Sea Turtle drop! Frankly I wasn't expecting it, though I was hoping.

What's even more cool is that my fishing skill isn't very high. I was just 313 + 30 from the Kalu'ak Fishing Pole. I got the lucky drop in Sholazar Basin from a Nettlefish School node. Here are 2 screenshots of my hunter on the turtle. In the second one I'm swimming with the fishes.

So how can one get this pet. Well, El's Anglin has a neat guide on how you can increase your chances to get this mount. However, it's "easy" actually. Here's a quick checklist:

  1. All you have to do is fish in any Northrend school. Make sure you fish in an actual school because the mount won't drop from open water.
  2. Your fishing skill will lower the amount of junk you get so in theory a higher fishing skill will raise your chances to get the mount.
  3. While the above does raise your chance to get the mount by a tiny bit, it's actually up to the Gods of Random whether you will actually get it or not. Case in point: yours truly. Though my fishing skill is still pathetic for Northrend and I still get a large amount of junk, I just got LUCKY. So you could have 575 total fishing skill and still not get the mount after 5000 casts, while a total "noob" like me will get lucky on his first try.
So if you want this mount my advice is not to sweat it too much. Just fish as you normally do and if you are not pressed for time try to exhaust every fish school you come across in Northrend. I'm thinking the drop rate on this mount has to be pretty high because I've seen lots of people with the turtle since the patch dropped. Now good luck anglin'!


Skaut said...

Woohoo grats! I got mine yesterday! I went to the lake south of Camp Winterhoof and after one trip around, there it was! I am still in shock-I am NEVER this lucky!

Darth Solo said...

Gratz to you too! Maybe Blizzard screwed up with the drop rate. Lucky for us I guess.

philiplee said...

this is unbelievable and hilarious, is this for real? where do they got hot tubs with real sea turtles? i feel like they shot this was a scene from the Neverending Story or something

jebis diggy said...

Well I was diggying around, as you diggeh. And I came across a very curious diggy. I cast my diigy and wallah ..I came across my very own DIGGEH! I was so sexcited that i romance explosion all over my own face. I quickly likced it off and looted my diggeh. So you all know..i have one face and two legs.