Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Easy Gold: Ancona Chicken

Here's another quick tip on how to insure a small but steady income. This is valid for most vendor-bought vanity pets, but especially the ones that are located in harder to reach places. Those in limited supply are even better because they fetch higher premiums but you might find it's a waste of time waiting for them to spawn.

So it's back to the old and trusted method of selling vendor pets on the Auction House. The only pet I trade in is the Ancona Chicken. On my server, this pet can be sold at 800% profit on normal days and even double on good days. It is bought for 1 gold from Thousand Needles (see the Wowhead link for more details). Perhaps due to the fact that the location is a bit out of the way, most people prefer to pay 8 gold (or more) for it on the AH. Which is perfectly fine with me. I go to Thousand Needles perhaps once a week and stock up on chickens. Then I post them 1-2 at a time and usually sell 2-3 a day.

Now bear in mind that my way of doing this won't bring you a lot of gold in the short term but it's all part of diversification. The more diverse your wares are, the higher your chances to make a sale. So I get a steady trickle from this pet. Any time it is lower than 8 gold I don't post. Usually by the next day prices are back to "normal".

You can do this with most other vendor-bought pets. Just search Wowhead and after making a list, look them up on the AH and then stock up on them. Don't flood the AH, instead list 1-2 at a time and replenish as soon as they sell. I would stick to cheaper pets, around the 1 gold vendor price. More expensive ones might be risky when trying to re-sell them. Just watch your server's Auction House for a week or two so you can get a feeling for how these pets are selling.


Joe said...

Which pets are the horde only? I think there must be a market out there for horde only pets to sell to the alliance ? (wanders off to warcraft pets)

TB said...

Joe: I've made a little bit of cash on the Prairie Dog Whistle (purchased in Thunder Bluff). My bank alt is in TB so I'll purchase 20 or so and send them to another alt I have in Booty Bay. They sell quite well on the neutral auction house for 8g or so. I can usually sell a couple a day. Like Darth said, not a ton of money, but one more thing you can add to your arsenal.

TB said...

Forgot one thing, there is also a vendor in Org that roams around selling 3 different snake pets. I imagine those would sell decently on the Neutral AH as well, but I haven't personally tried it.

Joe said...

cheers, i'll check that market out tongiht, see if its worth investing a bit of time in :D

Darth Solo said...

There's a Black Tabby ( that can only drop for Horde, since the mobs that drop it are friendly with the Alliance (I know, it sucks). They are located around the former location of Dalaran. This pet sells on the Alliance AH for 900G or even more.

Anonymous said...

The same idea but different: finding recipes that are out-of-the-way but on your regular path travels.

For example: my druid travels through Moonglade, naturally; there are three recipes (one is a cape enchant, I believe) that sell well. Then a 15 second flight to Felwood for the bear recipes. I did this a LOT when I was leveling.

Sadly old school and moot, when I was leveling in the Hellfire Pennisula; the temple sold two healing manuals what always sold well.

Pets and recipes, picked up on your travels is a great way to make some extra gold!