Saturday, May 16, 2009

The Fishing PvP Achievement

Here's something nutty-wacky that just happened to me. Today's fishing daily was Dangerously Delicious which entails fishing of 10 Terrorfish in Wintergrasp. Since the battle for Wintergrasp was starting, I decided to take the teleport in the Silver Enclave.

Once I got there, the battle started and I had barely caught my 3rd Terrorfish when I had 2 achievements pop up on the screen! Our Alliance boys had won the match within 3 minutes or so! Damn, I hadn't the foggiest idea that I can get credit for something that I didn't even participate in, much less have interest for (PvP).

Oh well, I'm not complaining!


Mania said...

I got Wintergrasp Victory while flying over the zone on a taxi, on my way to Sholazar ...

Let me tell you, *that* was a surprise!

Darth Solo said...

Hah, that's even wackier!

TB said...

I guess the RNG was playing games with me, but last time I had that quest, I didn't catch any Terrorfish from about 1 minute before the battle started to the time it was over. I was thinking maybe Terrorfish get terrified of the raging battle and go hide under the ice until the loud noises and bodies dropping randomly into the water stop.

Honestly I thought Bliz was trying to encourage participation (rather than fishing) in Wintergrasp by making the fish not drop during the battle.

Darth Solo said...

That would suck. What sucks even more is the idiot gankers who probably go for the easy kill while you're distracted fishing. Oh well, it doesn't matter much to me if I get killed in Wintergrasp because 1) I don't use durability, 2) I don't care about PvP and 3) I respawn at the Alliance GY where there are a lot of allies fishing.

BTW once there was this lone horde hunter who decided to take potshots at the many Alliance fishing close to their base. Even though he was killed many times over, he kept coming back for more. Some people must be dumb I guess.