Friday, May 15, 2009

10,000 Gold From Quest Rewards

Yesterday I hit The Bread Winner achievement on my hunter main. I'm not looking for any bragging rights here (because it's a petty achievement) but I'm posting this as a sequel to my Making 5000 Gold for the Epic Flying Mount series, part I and part II.

As some commenters have pointed out and something that I have failed to emphasize (I can't forgive myself for missing this), the foremost way in which you make gold in WoW is simply by completing all the quests in each zone.

As you can see, I have finally reached 10,000 gold from quest rewards. Since this achievement started counting after Wrath of the Lich King launched (please correct me if I'm wrong, my memory is fuzzy on this one), this means that at least 10,000 gold can be made in Northrend.

In my case, I have done all the quests in all zones except Icecrown and Storm Peaks where I'm about half-way through. The 10K amount also includes a lot of dailies.

Speaking of dailies, they are an additional source of income and should definitely be attempted when it's convenient to do so.

So there you have it: Blizzard made sure a lot of gold comes your way simply through regular questing. You most likely won't have 10K at level 77 when Cold Weather Flying becomes available but at least you'll have a head start. If you also combine this with 1-2 gathering professions, I don't see any reason why at 77 you won't be jumping on that epic flyer straight away.


Joe said...

Well i shant blow your ego up too much, but what has it been now, 2-3 weeks since i started your method? Maybe not even that long? If you remember i started roughly on 800-900 gold. What with being a bit ill with the flu and having a load of work to take home with me, my daily wow'ing has been limited to every other day if im lucky. Still not so long later, i'm sitting on 4k gold. Thats roughly 1k a week, without being on anywhere near as much as i could have been.
So in light of that, we shall return to the ego blowing up stuff, you sir have helped me no end here! By next week (since im away over the weekend ) i shall have my epic mount, at level 76. I'm dead cert that in the interum between 76 and 77, i'll be able to make another 1k for cold weather flying.

*bows down and worships*

Couldnt have got this far without your brill tips!!
Ya rock!

Darth Solo said...

Hey Joe! Thanks for the appreciation. Really glad it worked out for you. What methods did you use? I wouldn't be surprised if in a month or two you'll be able to afford the Chopper.

Joe said...

The major aspect i think that is paying off is utilising the auction house a lot more, for almost anything, i used to vendor greens that would sell for 3 gold ish, since i figured that was a good price, but if i AH them, i can double that easily, just for disenchaters. Also my herbalism just took off again, due to the dual spec thing coming in i think everyone i kitting out their second spec.

Elixirs also, man alive, they are like hot potatoes!

Last night i set up a supply and demand chain now. Some enchanter called Trex0r has made a deal with me, any lvl200+ greens i get he'll buy for 20g! thats not to bad i reckon, since the average atmo is 10-15g on the AH unless its a rare green.

Basically the auction house is my new home, i am making roughly 300-400g every couple of hours if i run about for an hour or so killing mobs while questing, farming herbs and then selling it all.

Me soo happy!

Darth Solo said...

What professions do you have between your characters? For me inscription is still the best thing ever. It has paid for itself over and over again.

Joe said...

Ah yes, herbalism and alchemy (elixirs/flasks). I'm still learning new recipes for alchemy, but i have the main pvp flask ones, as such they sell easy on a day to day basis for those crazy pvp'rs. Herbs are sweet, if i didnt have alchemy i'd have mining, but i figure on my DK i'll crank up mining :p

Darth Solo said...

You might wanna try inscription but it could be risky at this point. Glyphs are still selling but I don't know for how long. The market has slowed down a lot since right after the big patch.

Joe said...

I think it would have been good just post patch, but now accodring to my guildie who supplies us all with them, he says the market has bottomed out atmo, and is only just coming back up a little with people doing duel-spec.

Darth Solo said...

Like I said, it's risky and depends on many factors. Thanks to indiscriminate undercutters I've seen some glyphs drop from 20G to 3G over the past week. It boggles the mind. Other glyphs are still doing fine.