Thursday, May 7, 2009

Woot! Magical Crawdad!

A few days ago I had Mr. Pinchy drop on me while fishing Highland Mixed Schools in Terrokar. Since it was my first Pinchy, I was very excited. We all know the story behind Mr. Pinchy right? Not only is it really hard to fish, but then you also have to get lucky enough with one of the 3 wishes he grants.

Well, 1st wish was a Furious Mr. Pinchy.

2nd wish was a 500HP buff.

3rd wish... drumroll... Magical Crawdad Box! You can imagine that by this point I wasn't expecting it and I was amazed at my extraordinary luck.

Here's a group shot with my new pet. No, I don't have 2 vanity pets out at the same time. The rat is just a Dalaran stray :)


Joe said...

soooo lucky!!

TB said...

Grats on that one! He always been most elusive for me! How long did it take you to catch him?

Darth Solo said...

Thanks, well like I said, I caught it on the first cast on that particular occasion. I've been fishing for it on and off since 3.1 came out. In fact, every time I found myself around that area in Terrokar I would search for those Highland Mixed Schools and fish as many of them as I could find. Overall it took me less than I expected. I can't say with any exactitude how many casts I made.