Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Get Your Jubling Pet Now!

The Darkmoon Faire is here (for both Alliance and Horde) for a short while and you have the chance to get a new vanity pet. I'm talking about Jubling (or whatever the real name is). This is just a frog with a different texture, nothing special, but for a pet collector it is pretty awesome.

You can find the details on how to get this pet here.

Basically you need to equip yourself with 2 Dark Iron Ale Mug. Go to the fairgrounds, seek out the NPC Morja and lay one of the mugs at her feet. Wait a while (don't be impatient) and the frog will eventually hop to her. That's when she gives you the quest Spawn of Jubjub. Give her another Dark Iron Ale Mug to complete the quest and she gives you an Unhatched Jubling Egg. The only downside to this is that you have to wait about 7 days before the egg hatches and you can actually add your new pet to your inventory. I don't get the reasoning behind this implementation but meh, whatever.

If you're wondering where to get the Dark Iron Ale Mug, the safest bet is the Auction House but prices might be very high during the Faire. I was lucky to get a 4 mugs for a low price a while back, after the Faire had expired and now I just used 2 of them to get the egg, after which I placed the other 2 on the AH for a nice profit.

Alternately, you can get as many mugs as you want from Plugger Spazzring in Blackrock Depths.


Joe said...

good call, i shall ninja over to blackrock depths and grab me a couple and sell for a wee bit o profit me thinks :D

Darth Solo said...

Stock up plenty of them for the future. I tried to get to the vendor once but I got lost in that damn Blackrock. At least I managed to complete the 2 vanity pet quests in there.

Joe said...

vanity pet quests in there? I didnt know about them! I got the max 10 ale's he would sell me, and AH'd em, currently selling for 20g, so i droped mine to 15g, sold all 8 of em instantly. Might go run that again, being a rogue has its advantages just walking in :p

Darth Solo said...

Man, you're undercutting too much! I have a big post on undercutting coming up. Basically what I would do is to undercut by a few silver and post 2 Mugs at a time. The problem here is that you're undercutting @ 15G and the next guy who comes will undercut at 10, the next at 8 maybe, and so on. You can see a trend here, right? Besides, if you undercut by just a little, you will 1) still sell your stuff and 2) make a bigger profit.