Wednesday, January 25, 2012

No Blizzcon this year - boo-frickin-hoo

So Blizzard has decided to forego Blizzcon this year, "to focus on the games that are in development". In my opinion that's a wise move. I don't know how many resources a conference steals from development but this year is very busy for them. They are planning to release no fewer than 3 games: the next StarCraft chapter, WoW's next expansion Pandaria and the most anticipated game of the decade, Diablo 3.

I would much rather they focus all their resources on releasing these games (especially Diablo 3) than to be distracted by Blizzcon.

If you think about it, there's nothing much they can show off this year. There are no surprises left, apart from the unannounced project Titan. We all know what games are coming out this year and all of them (except perhaps for Pandaria) are close to being done.

Project Titan is most likely a long way from completion and that's why Blizzard won't announce anything related to it this year.

Taking all the above into consideration, why would they host Blizzcon in 2012? Just to get some geeks together? They claim that they are losing money on the show anyway (despite the high price of the ticket), so why bother?

Nah, don't be too disappointed if you were planning to attend this year. Apart from meeting like-minded folks (which is always cool) there wouldn't be any new announcements to spice things up. I just wonder what they'll show at Blizzcon next year.


Unknown said...

2013 will be the Diablo III year!

Hmmmm... wait...


Anonymous said...

You seem to forget that WoW is their main thing and that Diablo is just a little side project a few people might play for a few months.