Friday, March 16, 2012

SWTOR free to play this weekend

You might have already heard that Star Wars: The Old Republic is free to play this weekend. If not, I'm here to tell you that SWTOR is free to play this weekend.

I've quit WoW for over a year and I won't return, at least not as long as it costs money. I'm so over WoW that you won't even believe it. Yet, I will continue to love RPGs and even MMORPGs, and I have always loved Star Wars, so I owe it to myself to try SWTOR for a few days.

SWTOR has been one of the most successful MMORPGs in recent history, apart from WoW, and though I won't buy it or subscribe to it, I do want to get a little taste of it. Hopefully one day this game will become free to play and maybe I can explore it some more. Until then, I am dedicating myself to other hobbies and games, in particular Diablo 3. If you haven't already, and if you are a Diablo fan, head on to my Diablo blog.

Though SWTOR was made available for play yesterday, it took me all night to download the massive client, despite download speeds in excess of 1MB/s. Oh well, at least it's free.

This weekend I won't be doing anything but playing SWTOR. Next week I will post a few impressions.

So forget WoW for a few days, y'all, and go get a taste of SWTOR.

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Unknown said...

I've got a free 7 days trial, don't ask me how. I just logged in for the free weekend and I received 7 dys. Damn... the client download was SLOW as hell. I've started a smuggler, let's see how it goes.