Thursday, November 18, 2010

Sharded all my tanking purplz

Last night I decided to shard all my protection paladin's epic tanking pieces. Why you may ask? Because I don't think I'll be tanking again in Cataclysm. Thanks Blizzard for making tanking frustratingly hard (at least for noobs like me)! Now at least I won't have to worry about juggling two specs.

I've been thinking about disenchanting my tanking set for a while but I was hesitating due to the fact that I had invested almost 20K gold in that set. However, I failed at tanking normal dungeons, much less heroics. And so, I figured that I wasn't any good at paladin tanking. At any rate, I enjoy retribution more so I'll be going as retribution from now on.

I also hesitated to shard my set because I thought that there might be a small chance to tank some Cataclysm dungeons but after I heard that they will be much tougher, I decided against it.

What convinced me to shard everything was the elemental invasion which caused a jump in Abyss Crystal prices. I decided that it's now or never because I won't be able to get as much for that armor or for those shards in the future. The prices for Abyss Crystals were a bit over 20G so I disenchanted everything that would vendor for less than 20G. Of course, I kept my ilvl 232 weapons because they vendor for over 20G.

So I've cut my losses by selling those crystals now and good riddance paladin tanking!


Shannara said...

Yeah, blizz really screwed up tanks and healers big time in cata :( I hardly play my druid as a healer any more since blizz hates those two roles so much.

Darth Solo said...

I'm gonna try some healing with my discipline priest but if I suck badly I'll have to give that up too. That would be sad because I enjoy disc healing and I've acquired pretty decent gear. I think that normal dungeons shouldn't be extremely difficult to heal and tank. They should be forgiving such that players can learn their roles better.

Echo said...

Considering the amount of gold you already had (300K+, right?) I think you should have saved the gear in your bank.

Was it really worth dumping your tanking sent into almost-worthless Abyss Crystal?

Darth Solo said...

But I just said that I wanted to sell those Crystals now when they were still fetching 20+ gold. In Cata they'll be worthless anyway. Nah I really doubt I'll tank with my paladin. Who knows, I might try again at 85 but this set would be useless for tanking at that level anyway.

And yes, I still have over 300K though I spent a bunch on 310 flying :) I call it my "retirement fund" for those times when I can't be bothered to engage so much in commerce.

Vayaz said...

Despite the fact that I've been disenchanting most of my equipment, too (although for different reasons), leaving only a basic Cataclysm leveling set, I must admit that I did not find tanking hard at all.

It was really incredibly mind-boggling easy, and now its just like that but with a bit less aoe skills, no one-button-threat-boost (Icy Touch, for example) and some rather interesting talents that can be reduced to a few priorities while using one's abilities. This may seem more complicated, but it's not.

This means that you'll have to THINK a bit more, and (more importantly) to have some halfway competent group members.

But perhaps it is just me, as I've been tanking since The Burning Crusade, and extended this experience by playing all tanking classes in Wrath of the Lich King.
Though, I'm not wholly convinced that tanking will be like TBC ever again.

Darth Solo said...

Well see, you're a tank with experience. I would say that those who've tanked from the beginning or at least from BC and really enjoy it, will still be able to tank fine. But I feel that tanking is a great responsibility and if I suck at it and cause a wipe then I've failed all those people and wasted their time. I'd rather dps which is something I'm rather good at.