Wednesday, November 17, 2010

The pre-Cataclysm elemental invasion!

I have to say I'm enjoying the new pre-Cataclysm events. As you all potentially know, Monday started the last stage of these events and culminated with the introduction of 4 new bosses that you can defeat for ilvl 251 items. Pretty sweet.

I jumped right into the madness with my priest because I'm still insisting on gearing him up to heal dungeons in Cataclysm. That is, assuming that I won't get my butt kicked because from what I've been hearing, healing in Cataclysm dungeons will be orders of magnitude harder than currently, even in normal dungeons. However, some high level Wrath gear should still help at least for a couple of levels.

Believing that I could easily heal one of these new bosses, I joined as a healer and had to heal Gahz'rilla. I will readily admit that I was humbled by the experience as it was the hardest healing experience I've ever had. At one point I thought I'd lost it and it would be a wipe. How embarrassing! Lucky for me, the druid in the group decided to help me and we made it.

The cool thing is that I was extremely lucky that first night and won the Need roll for 3 items! I got the Earth Bride's Gown, Sandfury Sandals and Amulet of Evil Winds. On one occasion I even prevailed over 2 other Need rolls.

Since Monday I've been running these bosses with every chance I get. Unfortunately I've been losing rolls ever since so I haven't gotten anything new yet. I'm still looking for the remaining 3 spell dps/healing pieces.

On two occasions I managed to heal the rest of the encounter in shadow spec after the healer died. I feel pretty good with myself when something like this happens. Great morale booster.

Anyway, it feels like Cataclysm is almost here. Next week in fact we should see The Shattering in the form of patch 4.0.3a. Until then, here are a few screenshots of all the chaos that ensued in the capital cities thanks to the elemental invasion.


Shannara said...

Yeah, fun as hell! Too bad friday or tuesday will be the last day :(

justarb said...

One of the best thing about these bosses is they drop 16JP each. Considering you can usually get six to eight runs in before the portals despawn and that adds up to a lot of JP for very little effort. It gets even better when one city defeats the elementals before the other - earlier today IF downed their invasion and I ran Flamesplash about 7 times, and SW only downed their elementals after the IF portals had despawned, so that gave me another 6 runs at Gahz'. I managed to earn enough JP in two days of the event and my daily randoms to buy my t10 chest. 8^)

Redbeard said...

You know, I wonder if it's only the old world capital cities, or Silvermoon and The Exodar as well.

Bloodshrike said...

Hey Darth,
Just a quick note, they're actually ilevel 251 items, not 264.

Yeah, my warrior tank was able to get sweet upgrades during this event. Bouncing from the Titansteel shield of ilevel 200 up to the Barrier of the Earth Princess (251) is a serious upgrade for a non-raiding toon.

Darth Solo said...

@Shannara bummer I didn't know that :(

@justarb forgot to mention the JP. That's a really nice thing. Chain-running these bosses gets you a lot of JP.

@Redbeard it's only the big capital cities like Stormwind and Ironforge and Orgrimmar as far as I know.

@Bloodshrike you're right, of course they're 251! :) I was thinking of Frost Emblem items because I also purchased a couple of those just yesterday.