Monday, November 15, 2010

Patch 4.01 bugs

Here's a list of patch 4.01 bugs that I have been experiencing and compiling. Some of them are driving me crazy while others are merely small annoyances. Either way, I don't understand why they were introduced with the last patch and I just wish they'd get fixed already. I really hope they're not here to stay.

Missing Transmute: Ametrine. For some reason, this spell has gone missing. I didn't learn it before the patch and the trainer doesn't have it after the patch. I don't know why this happened but by the time it will be fixed, we'll all be in Cataclysm and it will be too late anyway.

Missing glyphs. Glyphs such as Glyph of Mage Armor have also disappeared. Why? No one knows. I don't personally use that glyph or others like it but this is pretty serious for those who use them.

Consolidate buffs option is screwed up. Under Options > Interface > Buffs and Debuffs there's an option called Consolidate Buffs. I keep this one unchecked because I like to see all my buffs at all time. From time to time, my buffs become consolidated on their own, quite randomly. This seems to be triggered more often when joining a new group. Going and checking/unchecking the option will fix it. It's annoying to have to do this every time. Fix it Blizzard, dammit.

The new raid frames which replace character portraits are nice but occasionally and randomly their size gets reset to a default (small).

My tracking options get reset every time I log in.

The minimap zoom gets reset on some characters, but not others.

Sometimes when I die in an instance and I click the release button I find myself  in the graveyard, alive but with very little health left, something like 1%. While it seems nice at first glance, it's extremely annoying because I can't rejoin the group due to having to run back to the dungeon through a lot of hostile territory.

The inspect option doesn't work in dungeons. I like inspecting people's equipment and talents but thanks to this stupid bug (or is it a feature???) now I can't.

Sometimes when I dismount my character is stuck in a perpetual running-in-place animation. It's annoying because it's distracting. I can't fix it until I log off.

The drake mounts glide continually instead of flapping their wings occasionally. This one is a very documented bug and I've heard many people complain about it. It's the least annoying bug to me but still... At least I've seen confirmation that they'll fix it soon.

So have you found any annoying bugs that I haven't covered here? How are you coping with them? Don't you just love patches which break perfectly functioning features?


Anonymous said...

The oh-so-very-slow flying mounts when you are dead (like in Icecrown)... It's actually faster to walk - it's so painful when you are wiping in a raid and have to wait for 25 peeps to crawl their way back into the instance!

Anonymous said...

I recently got to 450 on Alchemy and they didn't have any of the epic gem transmutations at the trainer soI sent a ticket to the GM and they sent the recipies to me by the next day. I was quite impressed to be honest.

Gyldenfeax said...

The rezzing with very low health bug stopped me getting an Onyxia 10 achievement. I was one-shotted by a low level whelp after rezzing after I d/c in the instance, and couldn't get back in quickly enough to receive the achievement.

I often get the running on the spot in BGs and its extremely annoying. The inspect bug is really annoying too, especially when seeing what other under-80s are wearing in dungeons or BGs.

But the bug that really took the cake was the d/c whenever you moused over something that gave you the golden cog pointer. It made the Headless Horseman a rather risky endeavor.

koalabear said...

I can't get the inspect button to work anywhere. I was actually about to go look into it when I noticed your post.

Darth Solo said...

@Anonymous #1 luckily I haven't died in Icecrown yet so I haven't experienced that one.

@Anonymous #2 wow that's impressive. I'd do that but now it's too late.

@Gyldenfeax I heard about the HH. That's one hell of a bug.

@koalabear the inspect works in town for me but not in dungeons.

Redbeard said...

Looks like a few of those bugs --like the consolidate buffs bug-- got cleared up with 4.0.3, thankfully.

Darth Solo said...

@Redbeard I'm sorry to say that the consolidate bug is still there - for me. On the other hand, the inspect bug has been fixed, it seems.

Redbeard said...

Yeah, you're right, Darth. I thought it was fixed, and then I saw it in AV tonight. Oh well.