Saturday, November 20, 2010

Bought my Cataclysm

Just wanted to say that I've pre-ordered my digital copy of Cataclysm. Been meaning to do it for a while but I was too lazy.

I was expecting some kind of background download of Cataclysm data but either I've already downloaded everything that's required or they haven't enabled it yet or I'm not seeing it.

Oh well.


Call-Me-Kenneth said...

i bought it a few days before 4.0.3 and it started d/ling something, but when 4.0.3 came out it deleted those temp files and only dloaded 4.0.3.

so i guess whatever i was predowloading is now included in 4.0.3

Darth Solo said...

I don't think they've released any download yet. In the confirmation email I got from Blizz it says something to the effect that a download will be available at some point before Dec 7.

Echo said...

"Want to preload Cataclysm without pre-ordering? Here's how"


I'll wait the very last days, no need to give Blizz my money in advance after all.

Stealth said...

I can't wait for Cataclysm, hope the in-game launch will be the shattering....
Also, you have a cool blog!! i added your blog to my blogroll, why not give mine a hug?

Darth Solo said...

@Echo thanks for the tip, I'd missed that. Does it really matter if I pay Blizzard now or in 2 weeks? Methinks not, considering that we're all gonna pay anyway :)

@Stealth thanks man. I've added you too. BTW, drop the "www" in front of your blog name. It's not needed.