Saturday, March 13, 2010

Paladin project: levels 11-15

One thing I realized during this level bracket is that I don't think I can possible start healing with this paladin at level 15. I mean, the only healing spell I have is Holy Light and I'm not sure that alone can cut it.

Level 12
New skills:
Judgement of Wisdom - this, as opposed to Judge of Light, should be judged whenever you are low on mana as opposed to health.

New skill ranks:
Blessing of Might rank 2

At about level 13 a paladin chain quest awards you with a new spell: Redemption.

At level 13 I have 40+ gold. I spent about 16 gold on the Glyph of Righteous Defense that I'm gonna use at level 15. I chose this glyph as my first one because Righteous Defense will probably figure prominently in my tanking arsenal, at least at the beginning until I get better skills. I also spent 13 gold on a Netherweave Bag so I'm left with 12 gold.

Level 14
New skills:
Righteous Defense - This marks my first serious tanking tool. Basically a taunt, I feel it will serve me well.
Blessing of Wisdom rank 1

New skill ranks:
Holy Light rank 3

Armory link

Next: my first tanking experience!


Unknown said...

this is a neat project, I like how you are documenting it.

Ophelie said...

You can heal fine with Holy Light at level 15. It's a long cast and takes a lot of mana, but the instance you'll be getting will mostly be Ragefire Chasm, where the damage isn't bad.

I find Deadmines a tad harder to heal on a lowbie paladin, but as long as the tank doesn't get two shotted, you should be ok.

One thing I've noticed about lowbie healing on a paladin, though, is that it's very different from end game healing, in that you don't have enough mana to heal preemptively. You have to play it smart and pick the right time to start casting.

Darth Solo said...

Thanks Paul!

I don't think I'll bother with paladin healing after all. As a tank, my queuing time are zero. I think I prefer healing on my priest.

Macross said...

I do appreciate this little project.

I started doing basically the same thing about a month or so ago (i.e. level a tanking paladin) so I'm following this project with interest.

Darth Solo said...

What level are you at Macross?