Friday, December 18, 2009

Random Heroic: Utgarde Keep

My second random heroic run for the evening turned out to be Utgarde Keep. Another mad rush to the end. I believe it took between 15 - 20 minutes. The tank was blazing through it as if his ass was on fire. At one point he was so ahead of the rest of the group that he almost killed himself due to lack of heals.

Apart from this, it was one of the easiest heroics so far.

The best part came at the end after we defeated Ingvar the Plunderer. I got a whole bunch of achievements, including 2 metas. Unfortunately I didn't catch all of them on the screen. Here they are:

Utgarde Keep <-- didn't show
Heroic: Utgarde Keep
Northrend Dungeonmaster <-- didn't show
Northrend Dungeon Hero


Darraxus said...

You saved UK for your final dungeon 0_0

That is possibly the easiest dungeon in Wrath!

Darth Solo said...

Oh I didn't save it. I ran the random dungeon tool and that's the order in which it got allocated.