Friday, December 18, 2009

Random Heroic: Stone Halls

For the first random heroic of the night I completed Halls of Stone. It was another fun dungeon where the group was absolutely rushing through the mobs. I barely had time to loot stuff. At one point during the Tribunal of Ages fight, our paladin healer died but in spite of all the incoming elites and non-elites, we pulled through without a wipe. Someone managed to rez him during battle and we beat the fight.

So here's a tip for those of you who have yet to step in this instance, something that our healer learned the hard way. Get inside the circular room and don't stand on top of the stairs because the incoming mobs will aggro you first, if the tank is not vigilant.

Also, about 3 minutes into the fight there are big lasers that shoot at (random?) people inside the room, or at least at the ground where people use to stand. If you don't move from there pronto, you're toast, something that I almost learned the hard way.

Oh, and this is a timed fight, about 5 minutes total, and the main goal is to survive until the end, not to kill all the mobs. Jus' so ya know :) Go figure, now I'm an expert on this dungeon. Nah, not quite.

I didn't get to check out the surroundings much and I was only vaguely aware that I'm in my second Ulduar dungeon ever. The run was short and sweet though, especially since I got 4 achievements from it:

Good Grief
Brann Spankin' New
Halls of Stone
Heroic: Halls of Stone

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