Friday, December 18, 2009

Hunter shoulders upgrade

Since I made almost-50 Emblems of Triumph I jumped at the chance to finally upgrade some of my equipment. In all fairness, until now, I sported at least ilvl 200 pieces but also 213, 226 and 251 items so I am pretty decently geared for a solo player without previous dungeon participation.

For this amount of Emblems I figured my best option would be to upgrade my shoulders from Spaulders of the Black Arrow to Epaulets of the Devourer.

Here's the Wowhead comparison. From what I can see, there's a solid increase in stats all across the board. I have fitted the yellow socket with a Rigid King's Amber for +20 hit and I now sport 176 hit rating, which is getting close to the 197 hit (6%) cap that's required for heroic bosses. If I were to raid, I would need 263 hit (8%) for raid bosses.

Incidentally, here are a couple of nice resources that I found while searching for the most recommended hunter gems:
Best Hunter Gems at 80
Hunter Hit Cap at 80

Although the stats on the new shoulders are looking good, the shoulders themselves are quite ugly if you ask me. The look a bit like big bananas sticking out of my sides. At least I look more manly (erm... dwarfly I mean) with those wide shoulders.

So what do you guys think?

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