Thursday, December 17, 2009

Random Heroic: Utgarde Pinnacle

For the first time in history I, Darth Solo, (well not Darth Solo but my WoW Hunter) have run 3 heroics in the same day. The new LFG tool makes this so easy... 30 minutes a run is incredible. If I wasn't micro-managing other things I would have done 10 heroics, not 3.

Anyhoo, my 3rd random heroic for the day happened to be Utgarde Pinnacle. Another first is that I wasn't a complete virgin here. I had run this before, on normal, for the Hail To The King, Baby achievement during Children's Week. Back at the time, I had assumed we ran it on heroic but I guess we hadn't.

There's nothing much to say here except that this was another quick run. I was kinda ashamed to find myself on the bottom rung DPS-wise, assuming my Skada damage meter works correctly with cross-realm PUGs. On the other hand, it was a good thing because the other guys were well equipped and they (or we) kicked ass. The instance was over in no time.

And btw, I now have 48 Emblems of Triumph, yay.

Here are the achievements I got.

King's Bane
Heroic: Utgarde Pinnacle


Celebrandil said...

I agree, the new LFG tool is awesome. For 4.5 years, I never pugged. Ever. I visited every instance in the game, but always with guildmates. I hated looking for randoms who mostly turned out to be complete morons.

However now I am using the LFG tool to level my protection paladin who just turned 64. I can gather experience in tanking (very easy as a paladin, especially tanking trash groups), gain lots of XP, loot and money. Sometimes you end up with idiots who never learned how to play their class or how to behave. But mostly the runs are smooth and fast. It's so much fun, this new tool is definitely the best new feature for a long long time. And as a tank, you'll quickly find groups. ^^

The new tool also helped me understand why so many people hate hunters (my main is a well geared hunter). There are so many idiots out there who are unable to control their pets, nearly causing the group to wipe to mere trash. Same for warlocks by the way. Looks like it's hard for some people to control both their own character as well as their pet.

Bowcephus said...

Don't be tricked by your DPS, multiple people have confirmed that damage meters are not working properly cross-realm (well it appears that sometime they work and sometimes they don't).

Alex Keeny said...

You should buy something with your emblems; Boat shoulders only cost 30 emblems and IMO look great (see: ). Gloves are also only 30 emblems, and the rest of the tier 9 gear is 50 emblems each.

Darth Solo said...

@Celebrandil unfortunately hunters have a bad rep and I can see why. It's an easy class to get into and level but not many will truly master it. I consider myself a good, if not very good, hunter. Sometimes, though, despite my good intentions I can still screw up but I take great pains to avoid that. Even when I'm grouped with people who I'll never see again.

@Bowcephus yeah, I'm not counting on the damage meter but often I see 4K DPS and I wonder if I really am that good.

@Alex Keeny oh I'm definitely going to upgrade my gear. I'm hoping to replace some ilvl 200 with ilvl 245. I think the first on my list is the shoulders (Epaulets of the Devourer = 45 emblems)