Saturday, December 19, 2009

Morons of the day

I don't want to hijack Gevlon's weekly "morons" posts but sometimes I feel like I gotta speak out. I also don't want to call people names but sometimes I gotta wonder...

The first example is that during Winter Veil I've been selling Holiday Spices at a hefty profit. Not as hefty as some of the guys in Gevlon's article but it makes me ask myself why would someone pay more than 1000% on the AH for something that can be bought from a vendor not 20 yards away?

My second, and funnier (to me), example is of a guy who was spamming this in trade chat today:
"WTB Frozen Orb 10G each".

Now you might think, what's wrong with that? Well, for one thing, since patch 3.3, Frozen Orbs have dropped (on my server) from 30G to less than 10G. Here's the punchline, though. Not even 1 minute before I saw this trade chat request, I had bought 2 Frozen Orbs from the AH for 5G each. Not only that, but if that person had bothered checking the AH, he would have found dozens of Orbs at prices between 7G and 10G. I could have made a quick buck by selling him a few AH-bought Orbs but I couldn't be bothered.

The moral of the story is simple: check all sources before buying something and if you don't know where to find a certain item, ingredient, what-not, check Wowhead. A couple of minutes of research can save you tens or hundreds of gold. Word.


ddd said...

Greedy Goblin blog is a sad blog. The owner needs to show others mistakes to satisfy himself. I find it a bit childish and -to be honest- stupid. He also suggests idiotic systems to make gold (such as "post 100 arrows instead of 1000 so people get semi-scammed").

Darth Solo said...

To be honest, the post 100 arrows thing is a semi-gray area. People on my server are doing it and personally I would never fall for this but hey, Blizzard didn't ban the practice so it must be legal in game.

Anonymous said...

It's not a matter of what Blizzard thinks: it's the attitude. He suggests to do that to induce people think it's a 1000 stack. We're in a virtual world where everyone acts with full cover, but in a real-life environment someone like him would be cut from the society in a matter of seconds.

In fact -he admits that- he has no social life at all.

Anonymous said...

Just another note. Some players spend 10G on eggs because they feel ok doing so. I farmed my own eggs last year and had enough, but others just login, buyout them, do the achie and logoff. It's not like everyone has the time to go to a level 1 zone to farm eggs "so I can overprice them, oh I'm such a genius".

Even if you spend 100G for the required eggs, who cares? I've got around 90K on my toon, I would never -ever- think to go farming them, for example.

Darth Solo said...

I would not endorse the 100/stack thing. Though it's not a bannable offense, it is practiced with the purpose of deceiving others.

As for the eggs, I beg to differ. You're saying that it's ok to pay 100G for an egg if you have 90K gold? Well, it depends how you value your time. Considering that you can farm 1 egg per minute or even faster, don't you think that by farming your own eggs you'd be saving 100G per minute?

Anonymous said...

Nope, I said 100g for the required eggs, not 1 egg (I saw 10g/egg). The winter veli achie needs like 4-5 eggs, right? That's 50G more or less.

To farm 1 egg per minute you need to be in the right place (main or alt, ofc). The time spent to go there plus FP costs + farming time is worth the overall cost (10g/egg) for the achie, in my opinion.

I'll give you another example: cold milk. That drink counts toward the achie (dring 25 different things, or something like this). Supposing I am 24/25 and I just miss the milk and supposing I don't remember where I can buy it, is spending 1G "dumb"? Imho no, at all.

It's just a question of "point of view". 1G is much more than the actual cost of the milk, you could say. But tell me this: if the milk costs 10 silver and you can grab it for say 90 (losing 80s)... is it being "moron"?

If you geto 200 players doing so you can do a good money. But everyone is spendin 90silver instead of 10.

If you (general, not you) really care about that difference (in THIS specific example) I honestly think you need to get some fresh air :)

Anonymous said...

I give you another example

SHATTERED ROUNDS (new epic ammo)

They are currently a cash-heaven. I've done more than 6K in one day by selling insane amounts of stacks (and mats cost are next to nothing).

You could never imagine how many players asked me "your price is for stacks of 200, right?".

Lots of players (and I mean LOTS) still don't know that stacks changed to 1000 by default, when crafting the ammos. That's a great opportunity to make infinte gold or so.

Would you do that? Would you simply sell stacks of 200 for the price of 1000? I would not. PERIOD.

What I question ehre is the attitude. The fact that others are ignorant, dumb, not updated, not able to use addons or whatever... does not mean you're automatically supposed to get advantage of this, make money and screenshot them on your blog.

This attitude is bad, imho. It's childish and makes you (in general) look like a person who does anything to scam/step on you.

Shadowcraft said...

Speaking of Morons and frozen orbs, I saw a guy advertising in trade today 'WTS 10 Frozen Orbs, 25g.' Frozen orbs vendor for 5g each, you do the math...

Darth Solo said...

Heh heh, did you buy them? I would have.