Sunday, September 20, 2009

Vanity Pet #77 - Wolpertinger

Brewfest 2009 has just started throughout Azeroth and it's good news for vanity pet collectors because it awards us with another easy-to-obtain pet. If you haven't already gotten it in previous years, the pet is the Wolpertinger.

There's an easy quest that you can pick up at the Brewfest grounds. Unfortunately I can't seem to locate the exact NPC that hands out the quest but you can't miss the big yellow exclamation marks. You will be handed a net that you have to use to trap 5 wild Wolpertingers. The caveat here is that you can only see them if you're very drunk, or alternately, wearing the Synthebrew Goggles that you can get from a nearby NPC (again, I forget which, apologies for that :)

Those pesky Wolpertingers are small, almost like rabbits and they hop around quickly so they may be hard to target, especially with all the people in the area. Here's how to target them easily. Set the net on a hotkey and keep pressing the TAB key until you have targeted a Wolpertinger. Since they act like a neutral mob rather than a critter, TAB-targeting will work. Then press your hotkey.

After turning in the quest you will receive both an achievement and the pet itself. I have to admit, this is one of the more interesting vanity pets in WoW.


Bloodshrike said...

And, once you save up 100 tokens, you can buy the Pint-sized Pink Elekk.
Easily obtainable with about 30 minutes of doing the quests, you just have to be good at the daily ram race to pick up kegs. As long as you get about 16 tokens from that, the other quests and defeating the Dark Irons once will tip you over to 100 tokens.

Also, if you have all your alts lined up in Ironforge or Orgrimmar, they can click the gear that appears after the Dark Irons have been defeated, even though they didn't help in the battle. It'll stick around for at least 10 minutes (I know, because I was able to get all 10 toons on Demon Soul the achievement at once).

Darth Solo said...

The Elekk is up next. Unfortunately during the first day I made less than 100 tokens so I couldn't buy it, but today's another day :)

Liam said...

EU servers are different than US. We don't have the Elekk quest, or this Wolpertinger quest. We can just buy the Wolpertinger from the quartermaster for 50 silver.

Darth Solo said...

Hmm, does that mean they haven't updated the quests yet? If I'm not mistaken, that's the way US had it last year but it wasn't meant to be like that and now they fixed it.