Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Best WoW Video Ever!

I know that this movie has been around for ages but recently I've come across it again and I just had to post it. It's so frackin' hilarious! I almost crap my pants every time I watch it, in spite of the fact that I don't raid and I've never raided Onyxia. Nonetheless, it's enormously funny.

A word of caution though: NSFW 'cos it contains adult language aka there's a lot of cussin' in it.


Skaut said...

Yep, I remember seeing this ages ago. It's actually one of the reasons why I figured I would *never* raid because there was no way I would put up with someone like that(aside from the fact that I'm nearly deaf and can't listen to vent anyway).

Still cracks me up though. And my husband and I are always yelling "MORE DOTS!" when we play our Warlocks!

Joe said...

thats hilarious!!

bloodshrike said...

Hey Darth,
Yup, seen it before, but had to watch it again. :)
I'm glad I am my own guild, and don't have to deal with that.

Thanks for the comments and adding me on your blogroll. :p
What's some of your favorite authors?
It's an Mitsubishi OZ Rally Lancer. Not the fastest, but it's got great handling, and I love driving on curvy mountain roads.

I'm kinda doing what your doing, but on 30 toons, and a lot, lot, lot slower. Eventually, most if not all of them will have the explorer title, probably 50 pets (they have at least 36 each already), and be Grand Master Craftsmen.

Darth Solo said...

This movie seriously brought a warm feeling in my belly when I saw it again.

@bloodshrike I have my own guild too. Authors... Tolkien (go figure), Wilbur Smith, Mark Twain, Terry Goodkind (earlier books in the series especially), Robert Jordan, Gary Jennings and a whole bunch of others. Right now I've started RA Salvatore's "The Dark Elf" trilogy.

I guess you're really ambitious to get all those achievements on 30 characters. Wow, it seems so overwhelming! I can barely find enough time to do them on 1 character.