Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Preparing for Patch 3.1

Patch 3.1 is imminent. The only question is whether it will be released on April 14th or April 21st. I vote April 14th. Because with large patches there's also a surge in prices for mats, I have decided to focus mostly on farming stuff until the patch hits the live servers. I'm dropping my low level dungeon runs (for their respective achievements) which are a lot of fun. I am dropping questing. I am dropping low level alts.

Instead, I will dabble in all 3 gathering skills:
- mining: saronite and titanium + the odd gem
- herbalism: to convert to inks and possibly glyphs, depending on what sells better
- skinning: for armor kits (which should be popular with the new Ulduar crowd)

My suggestion is that if you are bored or don't know what to do until the patch hits, farming mats is a good choice. If you want to make money, that is. If not, carry on :)

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