Monday, April 6, 2009

Easy and Cheap Way to Level Tailoring After 410

Here's a quick tip on how to level Tailoring cheaply (or even for a profit) after 410. Well, I'm sure most tailors have figured this out but I'm putting it out just in case.

The special thing about Tailoring 410 is that you can finally make Frostweave Bags. While the mats for this type of bag are expensive, you can often sell the bag for a profit, if you do a bit of Auction House watching and if you buy the components when they are at their lowest.

Once you get this pattern, you start cranking bags until 450 where the skill turns gray. Of course, you won't be able to sell these bags straight away because the demand seems pretty low but come patch 3.1 I have a feeling they will become a lot more popular

Here's a breakdown of the components. If you use Wowhead prices, you will find out that it's impossible to make a profit, however you need to check the prices on your own server. You might be surprised.

2 x Eternium Thread = 2 x 3G

6 x Bolt of Imbued Frostweave =
6 x ( 2 x Bolt of Frostweave + 2 x Infinite Dust) =
6 x ( 2 x (5x Frostweave Cloth) + 2 x Infinite Dust ) =
60 x Frostweave Cloth + 12 x Infinite Dust =
60 x 1G + 12 x 5G = 120G

Grand Total = 126G
Wowhead price for the bag = 100G

To me these prices seem unrealistic. For one thing, the price of Frostweave Cloth on my server is a lot lower. Sometimes I can find it for less than 5G a stack. Usually around 6-7G. On my server and with careful speculation of the Auction House I can turn a healthy profit. Furthermore, if you can farm or provide some of the mats yourself, it will be even cheaper. I, for example, have an enchanter who can get the Infinite Dust from disenchanting Northrend stuff but I also watch the Auction House carefully and buy low. One word of caution though: watch out for price dumpers. If you see the bags selling for a lot less than the price of mats, don't post any. Wait a few days and they will go up again. Usually prices start moving up between Thursday and Sunday.

So if you get your Tailoring to around 410 and feel daunted by the huge quantity of materials needed to level it to max, Frostweave Bags are one of the better ways to get you to the top. Disclaimer: IMO.

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