Saturday, April 11, 2009

300 Gold Per Hour Skinning In Storm Peaks

I have farmed Storm Peaks before as a miner and herbalist. This time I decided to find a nice skinning spot and see how long it takes me to fill 3 20-slot bags with drops and skins. Also how much gold I can make from this.

For the occasion I brought my kick-ass Death Knight who's specced Blood.

Well, I was in for a surprise. A big one. Right on the last mob I killed. But more on this later.

I went to a place in Storm Peaks called Plain of Echoes. It is a quiet place where mammoths roam. There are 3 herds of about 4-5 of them that run around at any time, as well as solitary, grazing bulls. Perfect for AOE-ing them with Death and Decay, even though my DK is not exactly specced for AOE.

Here's a map of Storm Peaks and the Plain of Echoes. It is a peaceful spot and all the while I didn't see or meet a soul. Solitary bliss.

I farmed these mammoths for a total of 100 minutes (give or take) and that's how long it took me to fill 60 bag slots with loot and skins.

In between AOE-ing herds of mammoths I popped into a nearby cavern called Frostflow Deep where I dispatched a few elementals at then entrance. They dropped the Crystallized Fire. Not a great drop-rate though.

Here's a summary of my earnings at the end of the 100 minute session:

Repairs = -3G 73S @ Exalted
Vendor Trash = 82G 72S
287 Borean Leather = 143G 50S
6 Arctic Fur = 84G 50S
3 Greens = 11 Infinite Dust ~= 40G
1 Relic of Ulduar = 1G 43S
1 Crystallized Air = 86S
7 Crystallized Fire = 17G
64 Chunk o' Mammoth = 59G 50S
103 Rhino Meat = 97G 80S

And finally, when I had only 1 bag slot left, I decided to fill it up and afterward call it quits. So I killed another mammoth and I got...

Bonus Drop: Design: Misty Forest Emerald = 400G (price for my realm)

And I was like... wow!! This is another of those awesome drops that happens when you least expect it. Here's a screenshot of all the loot I got:

Total: 527G = 5G 27S / minute or 316G / hour

Total + Bonus Drop: 927G = 9G 27S / minute or 556G / hour
(Disclaimer: not everyone is lucky to get a nice drop. Your mileage may vary.)

And so it seems that skinning is on par with mining and herbalism (if you have both), provided you find a good farming spot. I'm not even sure this is THE best skinning place in Northrend. If in addition to skinning you also have herbing or mining, then the potential for profits is even higher considering there are several nodes of Icethorn and Lichbloom around that area, as well as Saronite and Titanium nodes.

So there you have it folks: a nice, quiet spot where you can skin to your heart's content and make a hefty sum in the process. Give it a try and let me know how it worked out for you!


Anonymous said...

Awesome, Im a skinner, but as a LW I tend to keep all my leather, but as I'm always short on cash Ill have to give it a go.

Tks for the tip - and the interesting read as I'm also a solo player...

Darth Solo said...

Well, my friend - thanks for visiting - one of my other characters is also a leatherworker and I pass on the leather to him. Usually finished goods tend to fetch a premium over raw mats so I find it convenient to convert skins to armor kits.

Markco said...

Love your blog Darth :)
Shoot me an email if you'd like to do a guest post or something!


Darth Solo said...

Hey Markco what an honor man! I read your blog religiously and believe me, I'm small fry compared to you. I'd be honored to do a guest post but I'm afraid my writing skills aren't that great. I'll have to think HARD about a suitable topic. Thanks again for the appreciation!