Saturday, April 25, 2009

Easy Gold: The Butcher

Today I would like to highlight another item that will bring you guaranteed profit, provided you can snag it for the correct price.

This item is The Butcher. It's a level 26 blue sword with excellent stats for a combat-swords rogue, for example. Hence, it is highly sought after by rogue twinks and leveling rogues. This weapon will last a rogue into his 40's sometimes. I know because my rogue had one. That's when I discovered that good money can be made from this item.

So The Butcher drops in Scarlet Monastery but I wouldn't bother farming for it specifically. In all the times I've farmed SM, it has never dropped for me once. However, you do find it on the Auction House on a regular basis.

Now on my server (it might differ on yours so keep watching the prices on this for a while) it sells easily for 200 gold. Probably even more but I haven't tried. Wowhead lists a 30G buyout on this item but I think that's misleading. The thing is, you DO find it for such a low price occasionally. That's when you should buy it and relist for... a lot more.

On my server, the "sweet spot" for selling this item is 200 gold. However, I won't buy it unless it's 100G or lower. Usually it's either around 160-200 gold or lower than 100. Sometimes I found it for around 50 gold, which translates into a guaranteed ~150 gold profit!

So keep an eye out for The Butcher on the Auction House, but also make sure to scout the market beforehand. Good speculatin'!


Anonymous said...

Another item worth watching out for: Viking Warhammer

Darth Solo said...

Of course, thanks for the tip!
This is a true world drop and a nice, slow(ish) 1-handed mace. My enhancement shaman would have loved this at that level.