Friday, April 24, 2009

The Daily Achievement

Lately, over the past couple of weeks or so, I noticed that I've been consistently completing at least one achievement, if not 2-3, each day. I'm more or less working actively towards the solo-able achievements but when, for example, you are going for the Explorer title you are bound to hit several achievements in a row as you discover new areas.

Thinking about this situation gave me an idea. So here's a crazy one for Blizzard.

How about they implement a daily random achievement quest? I know it's a mouthful so let me try to explain. This would be similar to the other random dailies for cooking, fishing, PvP, heroic, etc. But here's the catch: this quest would have you accomplish a random achievement.

The random achievement would be chosen (randomly doh!) from the ones that you haven't completed already. Thus, the "daily achievement" would be totally different for each player and it would be offered at maximum level (80 currently) by an NPC in Dalaran.

Now the catch is that there would most likely be a very small chance that you come across an achievement that you can actually complete during that day. The "daily" would obviously change for the next day. As for the reward(s), it would have to be something substantial. Perhaps a sizable amount of reputation with the Kirin Tor, or even better, a bag of random goodies with a high chance to get blues or purplez, just like the fishing daily!

So is this idea crazy or is it crazy? You tell me!

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