Monday, March 9, 2009

Back to WoW

Yeah, I couldn't resist staying away for too long from World of Warcraft. I thought I would be back after 3.1 but I got bored doing more serious stuff and I was wasting time playing Diablo 2 so I decided I might as well renew my subscription for one month at least. On the other hand, patch 3.1 might still be a couple of months away (it is rumored).

The returning experience was a bit strange. Although everything was as familiar as I had left yesterday, it took me a while to adjust to the graphics. Keep in mind that I'd been playing Diablo 2 before this :)

Something that really pleased me was that a lot of mats have dropped in price, allowing me to more easily level my skills. On the other hand, gathered mats such as herbs and ore seem to have kept stable.

What surprised me was the fact that Frostweave Cloth is much cheaper now, such that I bought a few stacks of 20 from the auction house for only 5G per stack. Back before 3.08 it was a lot more than that. Also, Frostweave Bags have dropped a lot in price. While before they cost around 120G, now I saw a guy selling them for 60G each. Awesome! I almost regret having bought a full set at the old price for my shaman. Another cheap thing is the Iceweb Spider Silk which will help my tailor a lot to level.

So all in all there have been some very nice changes in the past couple of months. Right now I'm working on leveling my Death Knight who is just 71 and also leveling my inscription, leatherworking, enchanting and tailoring.

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