Sunday, September 25, 2011

Patch 4.3 - does anybody care?

I've stopped playing WoW for months. You know how they say that if you are still counting the days since you quit smoking/drinking/women/whatever, you haven't really quit. Well, I'm not counting so I genuinely have no idea how long ago I quit.

Anyhoo... I'm still skimming some WoW news because I'm interested in how the game evolves. So the next big thing is patch 4.3 that will hit the live servers... I dunno, Novemberish?

What I'm wondering, and this is a honest question, no bullshit, is whether anybody still cares about this patch. Not ex-players, but actual players. If you are still playing WoW, are you excited about patch 4.3? To me it seems very lackluster. Another raid or such and transmogrification.

Seriously, transmogrification?? It's like... the barber shop or the fabled dance studio! It might bring another mini-game into the game but it sounds like a useless fluff-inducing feature. I'm not saying it shouldn't be added, it's just that it doesn't seem to do anything to advance the game world/story/mechanics/etc.

So once again, if you are still playing WoW, are you hyped about patch 4.3, or are you meh? BTW, I'm not complaining or bitching or anything because it's not my place to do so. I'm just curious.


Unknown said...

Total Meh!

And Epic Gems still have a lot of unanswered question. At least the Pyrite Ore bubble has been burst.

I'm waiting to see more of what these "many new recipes for profession crafters" will be.

Joar said...

I'm still playing, but there's a lot in patch 4.3 that's particularly unexciting for the casual player. First, the fact that epics gems are only going to be available as raid drops. Second, tier gear will also now only be available as raid drops - no more tier gear available for purchase for Valor Points.

The new Looking for Raid feature has the potential to be interesting, but I just have images in my head of ZA / ZG pugs, only 3 times more annoying and frustrating. An expanded Darkmoon Faire has the potential to be something interesting for the casual player, but we'll have to see how that pans out. So far, not a lot of details on that one.

I'm looking forward to the three new dungeons, but that's about it at this point.

Rades said...

I'm super excited for it. Transmogrification is a cosmetic / gear collector's dream, and I've been having a great time collecting cool-looking gear and designing different gearsets.

As for "another raid or such"? Um...what would you really expect? A new raid, 3 new dungeons, that's rather significant, isn't it? And not just a new set of instances, but some very cool lore related moments when we get to go to the future and then back to the Well of Eternity. I can't WAIT to see what Blizzard designers come up with for the old Night Elf city/visuals.

If a new raid and dungeons isn't interesting, I don't know what Blizzard could possibly implement that you'd find appealing.

Darth Solo said...

@Cold still playing?

@Joar I guess I've still got the casual mentality even though I was pretty hardcore. But to me, these days, casual = someone who doesn't raid.

@Rades you're right, of course. It's just that from my perspective, because I haven't raided since vanilla WoW, another raid is uber-meh. But those new 5-man dungeons should be fun.

Greygamer said...

Well there are still a lot of active players, many more than it's nearest rival. So I think they are probably excited.

Just because the old guard have become jaded it does not mean the rest of us are.

Not too much there for a 'casual' (non-raider) like me I guess, but I'm still enjoying the game.

jwenting said...

ah, can no longer troll on the forums so you choose other avenues?
What's up with "former" wow players that they have to constantly slag the game and company?

Unknown said...

I'm not into WoW anymore but I wish I could put my hands on trasmogrify, yes. Wow -as any other MMO- is mostly a vanity game. What's better than wearing what you like, keeping the stats of the gear you do NOT like?

Anyway the WoW time is gone. Any MMO is gone, for me. Too much time to invest.

MoxNix said...

Patch 4.3 is very meh... nothing special, just more of the same old formula crap and a little fluff.

I stopped raiding when Cata came out. Raiding just isn't much of a challenge anymore plus I was fed with all the politics and bullcrap that comes with raiding. Now I mostly just play the auction but even that's starting to get old.

Time to quit WoW for good soon I think.

Anonymous said...

I mostly pvp these days and I haven't read the patch notes but I'm looking forward to transmogrification. I hope it's as awesome as it sounds. I may even start raiding again. Who knows? A new patch is a new tier of opportunity.

TL/dr: yes.

Darth Solo said...

@Zandathor no doubt WoW still has the highest number of subscribers and will continue to do so for a long time but my feeling is that it is slowly declining. Blizzard will have to come up with something really cool for the next expansion.

@jwenting what are you talking about bro? I never trolled on any forums, in fact I doubt I posted more than a couple of times on the official forums in all these years. As for other forums, I haven't used any. And I'm not "slagging" either WoW, nor Blizzard. I love Blizzard's games and I've been playing them forever, including WoW. That's why I've reached the point where I simply can't play any more WoW. I've had my fill and more of it would only make me sick.

@MoxNix playing the AH had become my last pleasurable activity in WoW but even that became boring. All that gold and nothing to spend it on. Though... I am a bit of a hoarder.

@Loque and Anon I guess transmogrification really is a cool thing for certain people. To each their own and I do realize that it's a pretty big deal to accomplish from a technical perspective, so kudos to Blizzard for adding it. Personally I was never into this cosmetic stuff. I just enjoyed the graphics for the armor I had, even if it was ugly. As for the barber shop, I must have used it once or twice.

pmb said...

Transmogrification will not restore game balance, so my answer to your question is: "meh".

Only teenagers are excited, tbh.

Anonymous said...

@pmb I'm 51 and I am always excited by any changes.

@ Darth I have played since vanilla and I just can't see a time when I wont play WoW, it is just a part of life for me now. Some of my sons also play so it's a family thing too.

I have tried all the other mmo's but none come close to WoW but that is just my opinion. Good job we arn't all the same or there would be no choice.

I also played Diablo from the start and will definitely be sharing my online gaming time with D3 upon release.