Friday, August 26, 2011

Announcing Diablohead, my new blog!

Hi everyone! I wasn't sure if I should start a new blog focusing on Diablo 3, instead of sticking to this one but I made up my mind quickly. I don't see myself returning to WoW any time soon and since I'm changing focus completely to Diablo 3, it's only fitting to start a new blog.

I give you Diablohead (!

I'm keeping my Darth Solo screen name so y'all can tell who yer dealin' with!

I've also installed Disqus for comments on Diablohead, something that I never got around to doing here. I don't know if most people are fans of Disqus but I've found on another of my blogs that it encourages comments because it makes it easy to log in with different systems or even comment anonymously.

There's nothing much left to say except that I'm excited to start this new blog and I welcome all Diablo fans (and non-fans) to Diablohead! If you like my new blog, please bookmark it, subscribe via RSS and spread the word.


Handera said...

So when is this one being taken down?

Echo said...

Wowhead will hunt you down :P. Meanwhile, GL and have fun with your new blog. I'm thinking about a blog too, still not sure though.

Stabs said...

Just an observation: I first made a blog about WoW Death Knights, then I made one about Eve, then I realised that what I wanted to discuss spanned more than one game.

Moving blogs is a chore. Are you sure you want to have to move again once you get bored of Diablo 3? You might be better off choosing a general title.

Echo said...

The day he will get bored of Diablo3 he will be too old for blogging :P

Darth Solo said...

@Handera taken down?

@Echo Mmm let's hope not :))

@Stabs yeah, a more general blog might make sense. Notice however that I didn't call it Diablo3head :)) which gives me some leeway. But yes, if I get tired of Diablo I'll start a new blog.

Though it's harder to manage a multitude of blogs, I prefer to focus on a niche.

@Echo we'll see about that. I never thought I'd get tired of WoW but it happened. Who knows, I might end up disliking Diablo 3 and embarrassing myself :D

Echo said...

The day WoW will show a revamped and awesome 3d engine... we will all go back to Azeroth (at least for one month) :)

Darth Solo said...

It has a 3D engine now doesn't it? I've never been dissatisfied with WoW's engine. It it what it is, it does its job well and it runs even on 5-yr old computers. The cartoony graphics suit it well.

I was going to write a short post about what will bring be back to WoW... stay tuned!

Echo said...

Yes sure, it's doing it's job. But it's a very old engine, poor in terms of "awesomeness". I wish there was a revamped engine with MUCH more polygons, effects, etc. I don't mean "please give me a Crysis-like game". It should still stay cartoonish, in some way.

Handera said...

taken down, as in when will you take this website offline.

Darth Solo said...

@Echo you know why Blizzard isn't very keen on vastly improving the graphics engine: accessibility. For WoW 2 I'm sure the engine will be greatly improved.

@Handera I'm not taking this blog offline. It will continue to exist, but I won't be posting a lot. I've still got a couple of posts that I plan to put out.

Unknown said...

I've just noticed someone registered It's sad it's not owned by the same guys who run That would be great.

Unknown said...

Heya Darth, I'm back in action. I'd like to share my D3 blog. It will not be gold related, you're too many already out there ;). I will focus on fun, game mechanics, tips, classes and so on. Whatever I feel it's worth a blog post.

Have a look at it and share the love if you like it overall.