Friday, January 7, 2011 and Cataclysm recipes

Dear friends and readers, I would like to make a quick statement about the state of

I have recently received a bunch of questions regarding Cataclysm recipes and when they will become available. Truth be told, and I'm not proud of this at all, I've been neglecting for a while now. The reasons are many but among them I will mention the launch of Cataclysm and my involvement with the new expansion and posting on the blog. And then there are my other hobbies that I won't even talk about...

Believe me that I have been thinking about those Cataclysm recipes and how I should get my lazy ass into gear and load them up to the database.

To this end, I will attempt to load all the recipes during the next few days. I won't make any promises (in true Blizzard style) but I do realize this has become an issue and it's the first thing on my list of priorities for BankAlt. And yes, there are still a lot of features that I would like to implement at some point. If only I can stop playing this stupid WoW game :)

Please stay tuned for future announcements and thanks for your suggestions and support!


Echo said...

Hi boss,

I want to be honest: I would abandon the project (bankalt). I am a coder and I perfectly know the feeling. First you have a great idea, then you start coding stuff (that works as intended, making you feel quite good :)

After stome time you realize the coding time to add everything you need to make the site "very cool and possibly unique" goes way beyond your spare time.

Concerning BankAlt, there're lots of other sites/tools that offer similar (and often much better) solutions. Not meaning to offend you, don't get me wrong ok? :)

Focus on your hobbies, WoW and blog. That's enough, imho ;)

Darth Solo said...

Hi Echo, no offense taken. I know what you mean. Sometimes I ask myself if this project is worth continuing.

I am well aware that this won't make me rich (haha what a joke!) and I'm not even trying to compete with other sites out there. What I am trying to do is to bring a concept to fruition. I've had this idea and I would like it to become a reality... one day.

Because this project isn't generating any income so far, I'm not dedicating a lot of my spare time to it. As I said, I have way too many hobbies demanding my attention. On the other hand, this project does constitute one of my hobbies. It's not only a platform to test some new ideas but also a way to learn new coding techniques.

BankAlt is also something that I can call "mine" if you know what I mean. Last but not least, I do have some regular traffic on the site and I have barely announced it on my blog, plus it's still in beta.

So, yeah I understand what you're saying and you have some good points but I'm gonna keep the site and see if I can add those extra features that I've been wanting.