Friday, December 31, 2010

Post-Cataclysm gold tips

This post is a follow-up to My Cataclysm gold strategy and is also written in response to Marcko's (of Justmytwocopper) blogging carnival challenge.

My gold-making tips this time are also restricted to certain professions, namely gathering (mining and herbalism, inscription and jewelcrafting).

For Miners/Herbalists

During the first week or so of Cataclysm I concentrated mostly on mining/herbing in the new areas and simply selling the mats on the auction house, plus some inscription on the side. These alone netted over 100K gold in a little more over a week.

Gathering allowed me to discover and explore the new areas, while at the same time making a lot of gold in the process. The XP from mining/herbing nodes is also nothing to sneeze at.

While prices for the new herbs and bars have stabilized to an extent and are even decreasing, I feel that it is still worth it to farm mats because there's still a long way to go before prices will hit Wrath levels. If you don't find farming boring, then I advise you to keep at it, at least for another couple of weeks. Sell, sell, sell everthing you find and resist the urge to use those mats to level your own professions. Remember, opportunity cost.

For Scribes/Inscriptionists/Inscribers/Inscriptors/...

Personally I have shifted away from farming to an equally (or even more so) profitable endeavor. Namely inscription. I guess I was running out of interesting podcasts to listen to while farming but I think the biggest factor was time. Even if I don't make as much gold in a day from inscription compared to farming, I believe that the gold per hour from crafting glyphs is a lot more than from farming.

Glyphs are still hot-selling items despite the fact that they are now learn-once-use-many. The most expensive seem to be the ones crafted from Ethereal Ink (Outland herbs) and Ink of the Sea (Northrend herbs).

While Ethereal Ink is very expensive (and so are Outland herbs), that's not the case with Wrath herbs and Ink of the Sea. I can still find cheap inks and herbs which I mill and convert to inks.

As for the lower level inks, I like to buy cheap herbs (there's plenty of them now that most new scribes have finished leveling) and just convert them to inks. It is folly to exchange Blackfallow Ink for lower quality inks at the moment due to the fact that this new ink is extremely expensive.

So I won't bother with anything crafted from Blackfallow Ink or Ethereal Ink for now. In a couple of days my worgen druid will reach Outland and he's a herbalist so I will use him to gather some herbs (for both XP and mats) but until then I'm sticking with the other inks.

My strategy is to use Auction Profit Master to scan the AH for glyphs, once a day. I will create a list with just 1 glyph of anything that sells for at least 60G. Then I will craft and post, just once per day with a 12 hour duration. On weekends I'll post/cancel/re-post 2 or 3 times but I won't bother on weekdays. Usually the next day I'll find that about half of my glyphs have sold. The cool thing is that on weekdays I don't have to cancel the glyphs. By posting them at "rush-hour", i.e. in the evening with a 12 hour duration, they will expire on their own some time the next day while I'm at work.

I also keep a list of glyphs that have sold along with the price they sold at. You don't have to do that but it allows me to tell at a glance which glyphs are holding their price and which can be crafted more than once. Speaking of which, I prefer to craft 1 of each because prices are somewhat volatile for certain glyphs and I want to minimize risk as much as possible because mats are now more expensive than they were. Also, posting 1 glyph allows me to work under the radar of the big sellers.

Currently, I make 1000-2000 gold from inscription daily, without trying too hard and just posting once per day. If I get more into it (more frequent scans/posts/re-posts), I can make more. The other night I made almost 4K simply by resetting my crafting queue and creating a new one. Total work: about 30 minutes.

My "secret", if you can call it that, is that most of the inscription work I do is AFK. Look for a future post on the subject but there are too many details to get into and now's not the time. It shouldn't be too hard to figure out how to do it though.

For Jewelcrafters

If you are a jewelcrafter, these teeny-tiny tips might benefit you. After Cataclysm I've noticed that 2 items are continuing to sell very well and in fact the demand for them seems higher than in Wrath BUT the supply is much lower. I'm talking about Nightmare Tear and Enchanted Pearl.

Nightmare Tear is crafted from 1x Dragon's Eye + 5x Infinite Dust. As a jewelcrafter you should do your daily Dalaran JC quest, unless it's a pain in the ass to get to Dalaran. My JC is posted in Dalaran and I do that quest every day. The green Wrath gems can be bought cheaply from the AH. Infinite Dust on my server is about 2G a piece or less. Dragon's Eyes vary in price but they can be anywhere between 40G-100G.

Simply by buying my mats off the AH, I can create a Nightmare Tear for a cost of around 100G and I can sell it for 200G. They seem to be selling as soon as I post them.

Enchanted Pearls are another under-the-radar item. They too are prismatic gems but they cost much less to craft and are thus less risky than Nightmare Tears. They only require 1x Northsea Pearl ( < 1G on my server) and 1x Infinite Dust. I like to sell them for 15G-30G.

One other tip is this: if you can find someone dumping cheap Enchanted Pearls on the AH, snatch them and re-post at the "correct" price. The other night someone had posted a dozen of them at under 2G a piece. I grabbed them all, then re-posted at 30G apiece. In a couple of hours 4 of them had sold.

For everyone else

For the rest of us, you can try selling Vanishing Powder and Dust of Disappearance which can both be bought from the inscription supplies vendor. There are lots of foolish/lazy/ignorant people out there who buy these for a premium from the AH instead of getting them from the vendor.

As an example, I buy Vanishing Powder for 35 silver for 5 pieces and sell them for 75 silver apiece. Dust of Disappearance is even better, though it is a higher risk item. I buy mine for 10G apiece and sell them for 15-30G apiece. Hefty profits right there.

The End

As you can see, my post-Cataclysm gold-making strategies are mostly based around certain professions but let's face it: having access to a high-level profession opens up your horizons and gold-making opportunities by a lot. Even if it's hard for someone to fully level a crafting profession, there's no excuse not to have at least one gathering skill, if not two. And even then, you can still do some "auction house PvP" and flip a few items around. Bottom line is: with or without professions, to make gold in WoW, some work is involved!


Pouncealot said...

Thanks for this informative post. I'll have to check out Auction Profit Master, I have not been using that. I recently got into the Inscription game, and have found that if I put glyphs up in the evening I usually get half sold. Although I'm rarely on in the evening, I'll pop on a few moments to do that.

I don't farm too much, but I do have a toon that mines/herbs on the servers where I have toons. That way if the prices of mats are insane I can always farm them myself. If I do farm, it's normally done while watching a movie with my daughter. Enchanting vellum sells well on my server even though you can pick it up cheaper at the vendor. :)

Darth Solo said...

Oh baby! If you want to make money by selling glyphs, APM is the only way to go. Before this it was QA3 but it's basically the same thing, except it's developed by someone else after the original developer gave up on QA3.

Farming is ok for those herbs which are very expensive, i.e. Cata herbs but for old-world mats check the AH and you'll be able to find very cheap herbs. Also check prices for inks because sometimes you'll find great deals on them.

Pouncealot said...

Thanks Darth, I've installed it. I use to use QA (before I took a 6 month break from WoW) I loved it!

Old world herbs are expensive on my server too :) However, old world ore isn't. Perfect since I'm leveling Blacksmithing on my (now level 53 Paladin.) I snap up the minerals in the Auction House and forget about farming. I might have to farm Cobalt since the prices ont he AH are crazy. Mahnia's already maxed out with BSm did that when she hit 50, so I have until 65 to farm the mats needed to max her out.

My goblin has done farily well. She's level 45 and has already made over 25k from Inscription and Engineering. I made her about two weeks ago. If I factor in the crafted tailored items my mage sends to her it would be a lot more. I post the products and move on, no camping Is simply don't have the time.

Darth Solo said...

I dunno, I think that some zones are bugged or something because there are simply too many herbs and ore nodes. Two zones that come to mind are Eastern Plaguelands and Stranglethorn. My dual-gathering shaman went crazy in there, the poor guy could barely finish a couple of quests in an hour due to the inexhaustible number of nodes.

Djactionman said...

Skinning Savage Leather got me a long ways and I didn't even realize it at first. Might just be my server, but the prices are pretty dang good.
Questing underwater there are a lot of skinnable mobs sitting right outside of flight-points, and along the way. Time investment is reduced that way, and it is also quick to level.
Plus keep your hands open for Embersilk Cloth on humanoids.

Darth Solo said...

I didn't have a high level skinner available unfortunately. The reason why I don't really like to farm skins is that you first have to kill the mob before you can skin it :)