Thursday, August 5, 2010

Reforging in Cataclysm is looking good

MMO Champion has just posted some more info from the latest Cataclysm beta build and we can finally get a glimpse at the new reforging interface and how the system works.

Here's the link.

In case you don't know what reforging is, in a nutshell it allows you to swap a portion of certain stats on an item for more desirable stats.

In the screenshots from MMO Champion's article we can see that they swapped some haste rating for hit rating.

I find this simply amazing as I'm sure most people will agree. I have a real life example for you right now which shows how great reforging would be for my retribution paladin.

I have a few pieces of gear with armor penetration on them. It is widely accepted that retribution paladins don't really benefit from ArPen. On the other hand I could still use some hit rating or expertise. Reforging would simply allow me to convert a part of that ArPen into hit or expertise such that I could more easily reach the hit/expertise cap.

That's just one example of how this cool new feature will work. The interface looks very simple to use. One thing that bears mentioning is that you can only convert a part of any given stat, not 100% of it, meaning that my ret pally won't be able to completely get rid of that pesky ArPen in favor of some more desirable stats. But it's still way better than what we currently have, which is nothing.

Currently it seems that about 40% of a stat can be converted. That's fair enough. If they would allow 100% you can imagine what crazy setups people would have. Just consider this: dps characters would swap 100% of their stamina for attack power or strength or agility. They would do insane amounts of damage but would be extremely fragile. The smallest hit would kill them instantly.

As you can see, I'm very excited about reforging and I can't wait to try it. The programmer in me can't help but wonder how the hell are they gonna implement this from a database perspective. The way things are right now I would imagine that an item from a character's inventory has its own record defined by an unique id which is linked to the main item table. The character item record doesn't need to have any fields for the stats which are on that item, except for gems and enchants. With runeforging, things will become more complicated. They will need to add one or more additional fields (or even another table) which define the customized stats.

Enough philosophizing though. I hope everyone can agree that this is a long overdue feature and it will make Cataclysm that more enjoyable.


Redbeard said...

I need to finish leveling a toon with blacksmithing so I can take advantage of this.

Anonymous said...

any word on whether or not you'll be able to reforge other people's soulbound gear, or your own alt's BOP gear?

Darth Solo said...

Guys guys! Don't panic! Here's a link to wowwiki which explains in more detail how it works. Apparently there's an NPC who handles reforging for you, so you won't need a tradeskill.

Here's another quote from there:

"Earlier in Cataclysm's developement, reforging was planned to be an ability of Jewelcrafters, Engineers, Tailors, Blacksmiths and Leatherworkers, who would have been able to create items similar to enchantment scrolls which other characters could use to reforge their gear."

So we're all good!

Elkagorasa said...

Yep, guy right next to the enchanter trainer. He does it all for you, sort of like repairing your armor. Has a cost associated with it, so all that gold you're saving up will have a job, especially if you have multiple gear sets. In beta, approx. 7g per stat you want to change.

Darth Solo said...

Yeah, forgot to mention the gold cost. Anyhow, the cost seems trivial if you consider this almost as an extra enchant that you can apply to your gear.