Monday, August 2, 2010

In-game phishing email

Today I had the nasty surprise of finding my first in-game phishing email in my paladin's mailbox. Here it is in all its disgusting glory.

You can tell at first glance it is a fake thanks to the pathetic language, not to mention the glaringly phony-but-official-looking web address. "Surprise" indeed.

I'm surprised they managed to spell "Blizzard" correctly.

So just a heads-up, if you ever receive something like this just report it to Blizzard, get your laugh and move on.


tyiepr said...

This is my first time I encounter a phishing wow-email. I normally receive it my mail.. and I dunno where the F*** got my email.

Darth Solo said...

Wait so you got it too?
Someone is trying to be smart... but is failing abysmally.