Friday, March 5, 2010

That's it, I've had it!

One of my favorite movie quotes of all times is "I've had it with these motherfucking snakes on this motherfucking plane!". If you don't know the reference, well, then I pity you foo!

At this point I could say "I've had it with these motherfucking expectations on this motherfucking blog!" and that's because I've reached a point where I'm a bit burned out with posting regularly. Incidentally, the blog has been up for slightly over a year, the anniversary being at the end of February.

When I started this blog I had no idea that it would gain as much popularity as it did. My first posts (and others as well) were crap and sometimes I don't have very interesting things to say. It is my hope though that I have written sufficiently interesting crap to be of some use to my readers. In the end, it all boils down to being a journal of my characters' progress - and adventures - in WoW.

Many visitors to this blog found something in common by the fact that I was a die-hard solo artist, well, at least before the Dungeon Finder Tool became available. We all shared a kinship by keeping away from group activities to the extent of avoiding all 5-man dungeons, raids, guilds and sometimes even interaction with other players.

Since the Dungeon Tool was released, I have strayed from my original "philosophy". I make no apologies for this. For one thing, this is my blog and I will write whatever I want. For another, I will not be pigeonholed into playing my favorite game in a certain way. Wowalone's tag-line, "The art of solo-ing WoW" is no longer valid because I am no longer a 100% solo player. Here's the kicker: my core philosophy hasn't changed one bit. Let me try to explain.

I became a solo player mostly because I was forced into it by the way the game handled dungeons and raids. It's not like I hated grouping. No, in fact I have always liked grouping and would rather level in a nice dungeon than by doing quests. In the old days of classic WoW, I used to belong to a social guild, I used to run regular dungeons and I even raided for a while until I realized that in order to stay on top of the game (forgive the pun), I had to make many other sacrifices in my real life, meaning that I had to be available regularly for raiding. In other words, I was forced to obey other people's schedules to the detriment of my personal life.

This led me to sever all ties with WoW for over a year, after which I returned, the pull being too strong. This time though I determined never to join another guild, never to run 5-man dungeons and especially raids. There's enough to do in WoW to entertain a single player for many months, until the next expansion hits.

I was content to play on my own for a long time, all through Burning Crusade and to the end of Wrath of the Lich King, leveling several classes to 80 during this time. And then the Dungeon Finder hit. It instantly allowed me to get a taste of all the high level dungeons I had been missing, all in a very short time. I didn't have to be part of a guild, I didn't have to know anyone at all on the server and I didn't have to conform to anyone else's schedule. Running heroics (which I had never dreamed of doing before) was as simple as clicking a button, getting assigned to a random group, wham, bam and then thank you ma'am. And that's the way I like it. Short and sweet.

Which brings me nicely to how I really am in real life: a lone wolf. I like being alone but I am not lonely by being so. I don't run with the pack but I do my own thing. When I feel it's convenient and profitable for me, I will join any random pack briefly, do my thing and then leave. Drawing a parallel to WoW, it has been convenient for me until recently to run alone. Now that the new tool is here, I still run alone but whenever I feel like it, I will group up with a random group, get my fix and then everybody is free to mind their own fucking business. No commitment, no obligations.

Having said that, please stop trying to make me feel guilty because I abandoned my initial standards. The only standard I have is to have fun and if grouping with others makes me happy, then by Jeebus that's what I'm gonna do! If it's not to your liking, there are other blogs out there by people who are 100% anti-social and won't group with others no matter what.

Now, I'm getting to another issue that has been rearing its ugly head lately. Some of you might have noticed that I've been posting less frequently. I'm starting to lose a bit of steam, truth be told. I have so little free time on my hands that it basically amounts to writing a new post (which is not so easy) or playing some more WoW. Since I'm not bored with WoW yet, I would rather play the game than blog about the game. So I will often write a post over several days.

Finally, now that the blog has been up for a year, what would be the future for it and my WoW adventures? First, I need to think up a new tag-line. Second, I will continue to post but probably at a slower rate. Third, I plan to continue leveling my priest to 80 hopefully before Cataclysm hits. Fourth, I should try some tanking with my paladin but I'm scared shitless.

So that's about it, ladies and gents.

Darth Solo, over and out.


Anonymous said...

Keep on Keepin' on... We loners need other loners to look to for inspiration....

Lorfallis said...

Keep on rolling as you have been, sir. There's so many god damn WoW blogs out there that you will attract and maintain the audience of people who feel the same as you do about the game. I myself share the EXACT same values regarding solo/group play.

Even if people disagree with your status as a "solo" player, there is still something to be learned from your commentary.

Anonymous said...

Appreciate this post. I play solo because I am on my schedule and no one else's. My friends just don't play. Dungeon finder is perfect for us. Also if you enjoy the game play away and tell us later.

Call-Me-Kenneth said...

tnx for your time and writing. for the last 2 months this has been the only wow blog i've been reading. dont think i'll find another one sharing the same playstyle as yours, but well... i guess us solo wow players will be back on the usual solo mode w/o your blog lol

Redbeard said...

I'm cool with how you want it. Dungeon Finder is perfect for the lone wolves out there, simply because of the anonymity you maintain and the lack of a need to watch the LFG posts -or join a Guild. It isn't perfect -I did get the same DPS rogue twice in successive weeks in a random PuG, what are the odds of that happening?- but it does the job.

I'd say that most (85-90%) of my XP on my own characters has been through solo questing. Although I do hook up with friends one day a week to run some 5-mans, I consider myself primarily a lone wolf. Raiding and end game content don't interest me, but exploring and questing do.

Do what you want to do with your site, and I'm sure I'll still read it.

Gyldenfeax said...

You shouldn't have to apologize for changing your mind or play style. It's your blog and it's direction is entirely up to you. Sure, you might lose some of your audience, but you might gain some as well. And if it's starting to feel like work, that's when it's time to stop or take a break.

As for the criticism that you are no longer solo, random heroics pugs are so quick and clinical nowadays that they can barely be classified as social.

Anonymous said...

Keep doing what you are doing. I play WOW very much the same as you and my dungeon/heroic experience has increased dramatically with Dungeon Finder. I keep coming to the blog because I enjoy your perspective on the game and that doesnt matter whether you are totally "solo" or not.

Joe said...

I've followed your blog for goodness knows how long, and I would have thought it's right about time you slow down, almost take a break and then blizzard will miss you so much they will grant you a "random" drop as if they were grown on trees for ya :p I'd miss ya if you stopped!

Ignore the critics, and do what you want! I'll still read if you still write!

Darth Solo said...

Hey thanks for the awesome comments and support guys! It really gives me the warm fuzzies. From now on I'm trying to be more laid back in all regards.

@Gyldenfeax I'm not apologizing, in fact I hope this post was as unapologetic as they come.

@Joe haha the random drop... unfortunately I haven't taken that long break in a long time. Another thing that keeps me going right now is that I want to complete all those holiday achievements for the 310% mount. I only have 1 left + that stupid orphan+PvP one that I dread.

Bear Pelt said...

Hi Darth!
Yes, the stray from the original concept is apparent but I don't think it's a bad thing. Then again, I've never been an absolute solo player.

However though I raid and do random heroics with other people, that does not mean one can be considered a social player. My guild gathers for raids and weekly raid quests, but other than that we have our own in-game lives. I farm my mounts solo, I go for dreaded attunement quests of BC solo, I run about hoping to get a rare pet solo, I level my alts solo. Raids are fun yes, but outside of that? I expect people to leave me alone to my selfish little world, soloing ZG, Karazhan, MGT, Sekketh Halls and whatnot for my own purposes (mounts mainly).

I've gotten a little flack from people who want to tag along, but always stress that I am "solo-farming". But honestly I have no intention of sharing the spoils (as pompous as that sounds) with others when I can manage it on my own. And ya know what? Managing to solo successfully (especially instances or some raid bosses) gives me a sense of satisfaction and real kick!

Play how you like, and write how you want!

Bowcephus said...

Just want to reiterate what the majority has stated above: keep up the great work. I've been reading your blog for a while and have been commenting here and there on your posts for the last few months, and to be honest your situation is almost exactly what mine is, other than I do belong to a guild. I play the game almost entirely solo except for the dungeon finder. I like doing my own thing. More importantly, real life is more important than WoW. I belong to a raiding guild; raiders who miss more than two times in a month lose their spot (raids occur three nights a week). No thanks.

Anyway I just wanted to say that the blog is still excellent, keep up the great work, post when you can, and don't pay any attention to the haters. Your life is your life and you should live it according to your wishes. Post when you can, and you are absolutely right that if people don't like the new direction, they can find another blog. This isn't mmo-champion or wowhead; you're not making a living off this site. Keep doing your thing, and know that there are literally millions of people who play exactly the same way you do.

Eric said...

Darth, the beauty of the badge system now (and regularly running the random heroics), is that you are likely already getting enough badges that you could start looking into some fairly decent PVP gear. I've purchased several pieces recently simply using spirit shards, triumph badges and even a bit of pvp honor points.

If you haven't already, check out Wintergrasp. (No guilds needed, simply queue and you're there.) When your faction is defending, you can mount one of the cannons and simply blast the attacking forces from a distance. Great introduction to the randomness of PVP.

Eric said...

oh, what I meant to point out, by getting some pvp gear with resilience, it will definitely make the holiday pvp achievement that much easier.

Edgar said...

I still see you as a soloist, even while running random heroics, specifically because to do it you don't have to be social or in a guild anymore. You log on, say hello to nobody, and like you said, click a button to have the computer make your buddies for the moment, before their gone and you didn't have to say 2 words to them before leaving group.

In fact I would say as a WoW soloist, it would be adetriment to your solo readers NOT to tell them how to use this new tool that lets you do a lot more while still not joining guilds and doing other group activities.

Honestly to me nothing has changed as far as I can tell. If you don't like dealing with other people and their schedules, the dungeon finder makes it super easy, while giving you more things to do. Keep it going, except when your tired or when it takes away from WoW time, then just put it off for another day like the rest of us :).

Edgar said...

As to PvP, that's one place a lone wolf can REALLY vent, although it is best to do it in groups (again you don't need to talk or do strategies or become best buddies, just stick together).

Tom said...

Hey Darth, I really enjoy reading your blog, not because you're necessarily a solo player but because you have interesting things to say. Please continue writing about whatever takes your interest

Darth Solo said...

Thanks for the support and understanding guys!

@Eric oh no, you won't catch me in PvP unless I need it for some achievement coughwhatalongstrangetripitsbeencough. It's just not my thing. I will gladly play a Quake 3 match but not WoW. WoW is simply too beautiful in PvE mode to taint it with PvP. On the other hand, I do have some new ideas and desires that I would like to try in WoW.

@Edgar you got it! I like being my own boss.

Anonymous said...

a dungeon finder that groups you randomly and instantly? feels so like diablo.

i'm heading back to wow!

Darth Solo said...

@Anonymous hell yeah! It totally transforms the game. A caveat though: tanks have instant or almost instant queues, healers usually from 2 minutes to 10, DPS usually wait at least 15 minutes.