Monday, March 1, 2010

10 new pets

So I took the plunge and bought like 10 new vanity pets from the auction house, for my hunter. I now have 104 pets. Unfortunately there's no achievement for having 100 pets. I haven't taken any screenshots this time on account of being too many.

Sen'Jin Fetish 700G
Ammen Vale Lashling 400G
Teldrassil Sproutling 250G
Mechanopeep 350G
Tirisfal Batling 870G
Durotar Scorpion 1000G
Enchanted Broom 1000G
Mulgore Hatchling 1000G
Ravasaur Hatchling 940G
Deviate Hatchling 750G

Total spent: 7260. Sounds like a lot but in fact I didn't even feel the dip in my finances. These days it seems that gold makes itself.

Here's the state of my menagerie.


Gyldenfeax said...

Grats Darth. I wish gold made itself for me. I've been keeping an eye on horde Argent Crusade pets for a while but have yet to buy any. I'll have to check the neutral AH to see if prices are better there.

Most of the hatchling pets I've farmed myself, the last being the Gundrak one. It took less time than you'd expect, but maybe I just got lucky. That damn sewer rat still eludes me though, whereas I got the Magical Crawdad after only an hour of fishing.

I've yet to hit 100 pets (at 88 at the moment with potentially dozens more to get) but you can pretty much guarantee that Cataclysm will have a 100 pet achievement. I just wonder what the pet reward will be.

Bloodshrike said...

Wow, that's a ton of pets! I haven't gotten more than 76 (I believe) on my main, but my 29 alts have at least 50+ each.

Since you've got the pet review thing down, maybe I'll post about my mount total. Just hit 69 a few days ago, when I dinged exalted with Wyrmrest Accord.

hova said...

Grats on the new pets. I am one of those people who really only have time to play one toon. Do you have any updated tips for gold making perhaps when you aren't wow rich ? I looked through your posts which I thank you for, but my professions are simply mining and engineering (fun profession but I suppose not gold making).

hova said...

Grats on the pets. I have been reading through your old gold making tips, I really only have time for my main and seem to always be low on funds, do you have any updated tips for gold making these days? I know my professions aren't the greatest with me being a miner and engineer but I was hoping to start accumulating some funds before cata without spending countless hours farming when I could be enjoying the game.

Elkagorasa said...

Don't you just love the Sen'jin fetish's little battle call when you summon him? I also love to summon my sproutling when ever I have a druid-tree in my group.

I am looking forward to 3.3.3, so that I can get the two engineering pets, when they become BOE.

Elkagorasa said...

The best strategy that I've done lately for gold making is to sell crafted items on the AH. Currently (on my server) the Majestic Zircon is selling for 150-200g. It takes approximately 40g in mats to make (and my cooldown). That means for approximately 300g investment, I can make upwards of 700-1400g each week. Watching the AH for a few days, see when an item sells best (gems typically sell best on weekends as that's when the weekend-raiders get all their new gear).

Redbeard said...


Do you have Alchemy and JC so you can make the raw Zircons? On my old server, the raw Zircons were running higher in the AH than the crafted ones, which was driving me nuts. I have Mining/JC, and prospecting Titanium to get the rare Epic drop can be disheartening.


That's a boatload of pets, man. However, my real comment was that one of the ads that popped up on your site was a WoW Gold site; they obviously don't know your tips about making gold.

frogi said...

Teldrassil Sproutling. Fav mini pet ever.

Elkagorasa said...

Alchemy so I can make the xmute the gems, but matched that with Herbalism, so I can gather my own mats.

Darth Solo said...

Thanks guys. You have to bear in mind that I've been gathering these pets slowly over more than a year, on my hunter only. Funny thing is that most of the time I don't even have a pet out due to forgetting to summon one.

@hova I have all professions maxed out, except for alchemy that I have yet to learn but that one is planned for when my priest hits 80. My single biggest gold maker has been inscription but I don't know if I would recommend someone to start learning it from scratch at this point. I also do a lot of flipping, meaning buy low, sell high.

@Redbeard yeah, I'm sure there are plenty of gold ads popping up here. I tried blocking these sites a long time ago but others kept popping up so I gave up because it was an exercise in frustration. I am firmly against buying gold so if you are too, please feel free to ignore them.

Redbeard said...


Oh, I know it's a royal PITA, so I was just amused more than anything else. I mean, if Blizzard can't keep the gold sites from spam PST-ing you while you're playing, it'd be even doubly hard to keep it away from search engine-influenced ads.

(Yes, I know Blizz cracks down as soon as you complain, but they're fighting a losing battle too.)

Darth Solo said...

Thing is, it's a lot harder for Blizzard to get rid of gold sellers than people imagine.