Friday, March 12, 2010

Paladin project: levels 1-10

A level 1 paladin starts with a craptastic set of skills. Here they are:
New skills:
Seal of Righteousness
Holy Light rank 1

The obvious thing here is to keep SoR on at all times until a better seal comes along. Luckily seals don't have to be re-cast every 30 like in the old days.

Blood Elves also start with Arcane Torrent, which is their racial. This racial is one of the better ones. 6% mana every 3 minutes seems a lot. Since I haven't played a BE past level 6 I don't know how this will work at later levels but for a healer / tank it can only be win.

Level 2
New skills:
Devotion Aura rank 1. Another obvious thing here: keep this aura on at all times until a better one becomes available.

Level 4
New skills:
Blessing of Might rank 1
Judgement of Light
Awesome spells, so make sure to use them constantly from now on.

From here on your rotation will be: Judgement, auto-attack.

Level 6
New skills:
Divine Protection. Divine Protection is your first "oh shit" spell and you should use it whenever in trouble, like when 3-4 mobs are beating on your ass.

New skills levels:
Holy Light rank 2

Level 8
New skills:
Hammer of Justice rank 1

The hammer especially will come in handy in a multitude of situations. Parry is also very useful and is one of your first utility skills for tanking.

Level 10
New skills:
Lay on Hands - another "oh shit" button. This one can also be used on a friendly target which can be very helpful when healing and the tank is about to die.
Hand of Protection - well, here's a skill that will come in handy when tanking. It should protect a squishy if they gain aggro and are in grave danger.

New skill ranks:
Devotion Aura rank 2

My first talent went into Divine Strength 1/5. Since I only have 28 Str, I didn't even see the change. Oh well, maybe next level.

I learned mining and skinning as soon as I found the first trainers.

There's a shitload of copper around Eversong Woods. By level 10 I collected about 5 stacks.
I also skinned all the mobs I could. One extra thing that I did for gold is to kill all the Dragonhawks that crossed my path. They drop Small Eggs which are very valuable on the AH.

From the first bag vendor I picked up 4x 6-slot bags for 4 silver each. These should last me until I can afford bigger bags.

At level 10 I have a little under 3 gold but that's deceptive because I still have lots of unsold stuff.

To do: travel to Thunderbluff and Orgrimmar to learn 1H axes and 1H maces. Dammit how I hate this stupid weapon training. I will probably waste 2 hours getting to those places and die twenty times. It's a good thing they're removing weapon training in Cataclysm. So does anyone know how the hell one gets to Tb or Org from Eversong?

Edit: never mind, I think I've figured it out. Apparently in Silvermoon City there's an Orb of Translocation which ports me to Undercity. From there it's easy: zeppelin to Orgrimmar and then another zeppelin to Mulgore.

A special hey! to my reader Bloodshrike who made a level 1 character just to say hi. Very nice of you man!


Tox said...

Hey Darth,

Not related to your post but.. I have mostly horde characters and now am leveling a draenei hunter just to see what alliance progression is like pre-cataclysm. Since you are in the opposite situation, I wondered what u think of Horde progression? I must admit I find paying a hordie much more enjoyable.

Anonymous said...

There is a Teleport in SC, which will take you to Undercity, and then you just jump on the Zeppelin to Orgrimmar :)

Anonymous said...

I couldn't help myself...I had to create a BE Pally named Noyes on that server. Hopefully run in to you in game!

Thanks for the awesome blog.

Bloodshrike said...

Hey! back atcha, Darth.

One thing I might point out -
"6. I will attempt to level him exclusively through random dungeons. The fact that he is prot will help place him instant queues. The only quests that I will do from that point on are the ones that group members can share."

If you'll be leveling and playing ONLY in random dungeons, I think you might be better served by having enchanting (or disenchanting rather) as one of your gathering professions. You'll be getting a crapload of greens, and the dust and essences will often sell for more than what a vendor would pay you for them, or what you might manage to get for them on the AH. Plus, enchanting mats have no posting fee.

Plus, you probably wouldn't want to slow down to skin and mine all the way through each instance, with the rest of your group having to wait for you to tank.

I could offer suggestions on how to manipulate the AH for enchanting mats, even at low levels, by using 2 alts.

Darth Solo said...

@Tox my highest level Horde is 67 (on another server) so I have a bit of Horde experience under my belt. My impression was that Horde is slightly harder to level due to there being less quest hubs in Azeroth. Overall, it wasn't so bad and I did just fine. It is a different experience than Alliance and I think it's worth changing the scenery at some point. I've just about had it with Alliance quests.

@Anon 1 yeah I figured it out in the end. Those zepps are amazing! Wish Alliance had something like that.

@Anon 2 holler if you see me online! If you want to team up for a random (and we're at comparable levels), let me know!

@Blooshrike you're relentless man! I get what you're saying and it makes sense in a way. Enchanting would be indeed useful for disenchanting stuff from instances BUT... the only problem is you can level it through DE only until skill level 50. After that you need to actually enchant stuff in order to level it. So it's not worth it for me. I really don't wanna worry about leveling a crafting profession. If I were to level a crafting profession for the purpose of making gold I'd probably do inscription but that's a big pain in the ass too.

Thanks, I appreciate the help but I am stubborn to do this on my own :) As for skinning and mining in an instance... I don't care much if the group is slowed for a few seconds. After all, the tank sets the pace and I'm sure many healers will appreciate a slower pace so they can recharge their mana.

As a healer I ran a BRD random last week and we had a bear tank. He was pretty good but he rushed through everything, not giving me the slightest chance to drink after a fight. Luckily I managed to keep my mana at almost full but towards the end he got us all wiped due to pulling more than he could handle, me ending up OOM and eventually getting aggroed by half a dozen mobs. And after we killed the last boss (Emperor Thaurissan) we didn't even get credit for the instance, perhaps due to missing a key boss or something. So yeah, I think healers will appreciate a tank that isn't "go go go!".

Darth Solo said...

Oh and BTW, don't you guys worry too much about me. I have finally started to make some gold and now I'm buying the stuff that I really need. It's hard at the beginning but it quickly becomes easier.