Monday, March 15, 2010

Exercises in frustration

I've been neglecting my priest since I started the paladin project and he's still level 55. Today I decided to try some more healing with the priest and it made me change my strategy for the time being. There are things that frustrate me as a healer.

So I got into this BRD group and I had my shadow spec active. As soon as I got inside I told everyone to give me a minute until I can buff everyone, change specs and drink some mana. Apparently no one was listening and they started moving forward. I repeated my request. They pulled a bunch of mobs while I was changing my spec and drinking mana. Because they didn't give a shit, I didn't either and of course they all died. I was far enough that I didn't get any aggro.

The tank made a remark about what a shitty healer I am and I explained that I asked them to wait and they didn't listen. We proceeded onward and killed stuff successfully for about 10 minutes during which I gave them ample proof as to how good a healer I am. Then, without a word, the tank and one dps dropped group. And that was it.

This isn't really the first time that stuff like this happens. Many people don't realize that a healer needs to be ready and if he's out of mana, it's game over.

Considering all this and also the fact that classic dungeons are long, tedious and often crappy affairs, I've decided to give up healing until I hit level 60 and Outland. I will continue to run dungeons but as shadow dps only. It so happens that I love shadow and I would like more chances to act as dps in dungeons. This way there won't be undue pressure on me. In Outland, dungeons are more streamlined and to-the-point and also drops are of much higher quality.

So see y'all in Outland!


Shannara said...

As I said before, look them up in armory and add them to the wall of shame site I mentioned earlier. It does everybody good and provides a nice reference for ignore lists just for idiots like them.

Darth Solo said...

Unfortunately I always forget to put them on ignore, much less take their names down.

Bloodshrike said...

Hell yeah..after soloing the classic dungeons with my hunter, I decided that there was no way I would want to do them with groups. They take wayyyyy too long. I don't even want to hit the random button with my level 64 mage, just in case it set me up with one of the older dungeons. I'll happily run Hellfire ramparts over and over to build my Thrallmar rep instead.

frogi said...

"Apparently no one was listening and they started moving forward. I repeated my request. They pulled a bunch of mobs"

You should have left there. 15 minutes cooling off is better to pay than an hour going "What a douche?!" In your head or well my head anyway.

Redbeard said...

Yeah, I had an entertaining Halls of Lightning run this morning with a similar problem.

The Healer needed to drink, but the Tank kept pushing on. Add to that the Tank wasn't holding aggro very well and we had a Boomkin in the group, things got really messy. A big old fight broke out about who should drop the group while I grabbed some coffee and waited for this to settle out. Eventually the Healer left, was replaced by a well overgeared healer, and we managed to get through the run without a wipe.

Jerry said...

I've come to a similar conclusion about the pre-Outland instances as well. When Dungeon Finder came out, it was a lot of fun to run those old world instances for the first time. Then it got old super fast once I compared them to Outland and Northrend instances. The old world instances take forever, are confusing, and a lot of the players are still learning their classes at that time. As such, fights often break out and the fun evaporates for me.

So I've limited my time in LFG between levels 25 - 59. I still drop into them but won't spend a lot of time trying to get into one. Even as DPS, I'm still impacted by Healer/Tank fights that plague those levels. And besides, I don't want to spend 2-3 hrs in a dungeon like BRD or Wailing Caverns! About one hour is good enough for me and those Old World instances can be much longer than that.

Darth Solo said...

I just had a very satisfying run today on my priest, as shadow dps. Funny thing is that I waited less than 2 minutes to get in a group. I'm 56 now... a few more levels and I can hit Outland. Good riddance Old World! Although I wouldn't mind running the big classics Strat and Scholo as dps.

And BTW, shadow priests are da shit*!!!

*Especially after level 50

frogi said...

"*Especially after level 50"

Yeah, its the 49 levels before, that make you go "AAARGH!" That are annoying.

Redbeard said...


You're not making me feel any better by deciding to go back and tinker around with leveling my Shadow Priest (currently 25).

Darth Solo said...

@frogi not at all. I thoroughly enjoyed leveling my shadow priest but at level 50 it gets even better thanks to Vampiric Touch.

But then again, I had 5 heirlooms on my priest starting at level 15 and on the staff I had +30 spell power so it helped a lot.