Thursday, February 11, 2010

Vanity Pet #94 - Disgusting Oozeling

These days I've started spending some of that hard-earned gold and I'm using it to complete my collection of vanity pets. I'm buying those rare ones or the Argent Tournament pets that can be found on the Auction House.
I finally bought the Disgusting Oozeling which is one of the rarest pets in game and I paid 2400 gold for it. It might seem a lot and some of you might suggest that I should grind for it instead but for me it is simply not worth it to waste a lot of time in the off-chance that it might drop. So I bought it. Funny thing is that by the end of the day my total gold amount had remained the same, due to selling a bunch of stuff.

So here it is, in its full glory. It gives you a nice debuff of -20 to all resistances and defense so if you want to piss off your raid mates, make sure to have this pet out during a raid.


Elkagorasa said...

The oozeling was dropping off the v-day bosses this year. My guild had 3 drop on 2 different days. Not great rates, and sadly I lost the roll on all of them.

Darth Solo said...

No, that's another "oozeling". It's the Toxic Wasteling and it only drops during this holiday from those bosses, it's very rare and BoP. I haven't had any luck on that one yet :(

It uses the same skin as the Disgusting Oozeling.