Monday, February 8, 2010

Tough Love, tough shit

Listen up fools! As of now, I'm better than y'all! And ya know why? Because I have just completed Tough Love, unlike the rest of you pansy-ass slackers.

Truth be told, I had almost given up on this achievement because yesterday was my first daily attempt and I couldn't find a good group for the death of me. I tried 3 different groups. The first one wiped 3 times (I only died once thanks to Feign Death) before we called it quits. The second and third groups couldn't even hold their members together after dicking around for almost an hour in each.

So today I found an awesome group on the first attempt and I actually used yesterday's daily because yesterday I hadn't used my attempt yet. That was smart of me, in retrospect. Even more mind-boggling, we did all our 5 attempts without wiping, except for one guy who was laggy and kept stepping in the wrong type of puddle.

But it's all good. It was an amazing run with a good group who knew what they were doing. I knew some basic strategies but here's a quick outline of how our group handled it. "Our" strategy worked very well and I recommend you try it, especially if yours fails.

0. Hunters and other pet classes, forget about using your pets. Put them on passive, as they'll die anyway.
1. Everyone should start out by wearing the PURPLE perfume.
2. First boss to go down is the PURPLE guy, i.e. the one you hand in the quest to.
2.5. Tank should hold all these guys with their backs to the group.
3. While fighting the PURPLE guy, it is perfectly fine to stand in PURPLE goo. It won't hurt you. Move like hell from the GREEN stuff though.
4. Once PURPLE guy is dead, switch to GREEN guy.
5. Also switch perfumes to GREEN.
6. Standing in GREEN stuff is now ok, but avoid PURPLE.
7. After GREEN guy is dead, focus on the last guy, who's the one without a shield, running around like crazy and throwing bottles at everyone.
8. That's it.

One more thing: the 3rd guy, the one running around like his ass is on fire, doesn't have a threat table, meaning that everyone should unleash all they've got on his ass. He will occasionally switch "aggro" to a random member.

I was pretty lucky to win a couple of very nice rolls.

One: I got to replace my outdated Titanium Impact Choker with a Sweet Perfume Broach. This was a big upgrade, increasing stats across the board: DPS, AP, crit, ArPen, Sta.

Two: I won a vanity item, which is cloth but looks damn wicked: Vile Fumigator's Mask. You be the judge.


Rades said...

The easiest way we've seen to do it is to have the healer stand at the back, drink the green potion, and tank the Green boss at the back where no one can get hit by his spray. The tank uses pink and tanks the Pink boss on the other side of the courtyard, so their sprays never overlap. The colored bosses do almost zero damage against someone wearing their respective cologne, so really all people have to be sure to do is move out of the wrong color gas clouds.

Melee wear pink and dps Pink boss.

Ranged dps stand with the healer and dps the throwing guy.

If the pink boss dies first, then meleers switch to green potion and go kill the throwing boss. This way everyone is green and just have to avoid pink clouds.

If the throwing boss dies first, then ranged switch over to dpsing pink boss. This way everyone is sitting in their respective color sprays and taking almost no damage.

When all but green boss are dead, anyone not yet green switches to green potion and finishes him off. Easy!

Rades said...

Forgot to clarify in the above comment - ranged dps stand with the healer and also use the green potion.

Gyldenfeax said...

I attempted to solo the trio, thinking that perhaps they were on par with the headless horseman. Looks like I'm going to have to pug this one.

Grats on getting the mask Darth. I try to collect all the fun items so hopefully it'll drop for me. Even better would be the toxic oozeling. It eats critters (apparently including Death Knight blood worms) and grows bigger each time.

QuietKjun said...

One more thing people should know. I died early on in my groups last try and figured I had time to run back into the instance and help out. Once I reintered the instance the fight reset and we couldnt complete the last try. I think it only resets if you have used your summons, just be aware.

Edgar said...

Same thing happened to me, I ran in to try and help at the last second and it reset, right when they were about to die, and the guy lost his drop, it wasn't my summons that was used either cause we didn't wipe on mine.

I've always had trouble seeing clouds in this game, so it makes it pretty tough. I plan on only healing for this cause I know I will die a lot. I try to stay far away from everything while healing, and I think the idea to tank the green guy while I heal is pretty good, I might try it.

Elkagorasa said...

Thanks for the write-up. Oozeling sounds like a cool pet, but I'd REALLY like to get the rocket mount!

Darth Solo said...

@Rades that sounds like another solid strategy. There are several ways in which you can do this but that's what worked for me. More importantly, everyone in the group should be on the same page and know what they're supposed to do.

@Gyldenfeax haha big mistake man. I've heard of others thinking they could solo it.

Both the pet and the mount are kickass. As a pet collector I really want the pet but the mount is also cool. I'm not betting on getting either though.

Celebrandil said...

I still wasn't able to try that boss. Our realmpool is suffering from extreme lags since the last patch when the Frostwing Halls in ICC were opened. It takes minutes to log in, minutes to open mail, and sometimes minutes to loot. Heavy lags hit you while you fight a boss, and by the time it has passed, everyone's dead. There is a thread in Blizzard's technical forum, already 170 pages long. The fact that Blizz didn't close it yet even though it's filled with rants, shows that this is a serious problem.

At the moment, the game is almost unplayable for us. Our realmpool consists of servers that were there since release.

Wookie7 said...

Apparently, a problem with the code for the Love Fool event is causing a lot of the lag. Something about the code to see if the love charms drop is causing a lot of lag on the older servers. They're doing emergency maintenance today to try and fix the problem.

Darth Solo said...

We've had some lag too but that was after Tuesday's maintenance. It stabilized after an hour or so.