Monday, November 23, 2009

Pilgrim's Bounty Tips

Well folks, in the second day of Pilgrim's Bounty I finished all the achievements, got the Pilgrim title and the Turkey pet as reward. It all happened much sooner than I had anticipated.

I won't go into every detail about how I accomplished all the achievements because and MMO Champion have some good guides but I will give some pointers for the trickier achievements.

Starting off with the table achievements, those are really easy. Just follow the two guides above and you should be fine. You just have to repeat them at each of the 4 major cities of your faction. Also complete FOOD FIGHT which simply requires you to throw food at another player at the table. At the end of this you should have Pilgrim's Paunch and Sharing is Caring completed.

If you really want to complete all the achievements you need to have Cooking at around 330 or so. Luckily you can just buy a recipe book from one of the vendors at the holiday grounds and the book will contain about 5 recipes that will easily help you to get to the required skill. So you can view this as a cheap way to power level cooking.

Now We're Cookin' requires you to cook one of every holiday dish. You will obtain this by default, of course, by doing the dailies. Then there's Pilgrim's Progress which is slightly more involving because it requires you to complete each of the available dailies but you should do that anyway if you visit all the major capitals.

From the dailies you should first choose a hat and a chest piece as reward. You will need those later. Once you get these two items, keep picking the Turkey Shooter because you'll need that to shoot rogues. You'll need 8 of these, provided you don't waste any shots. You can easily obtain all the required items (10 in all) in 2 days, if you do all the dailies in all 4 capital cities. Each city gives you 2 dailies so that's a potential of 16 items in 2 days.

Now here come the annoying achievements...

You should do The Turkinator as soon as possible, when you are, say, in Elwynn. That's because you need lots of Wild Turkey for the daily quests. This quest is shitty because it asks you to kill 40 turkeys in a row, without the 30 second buff expiring. Basically after each kill a 30 second timer will reset and that's how long you have to kill the next turkey. While turkeys respawn pretty fast, there are plenty of other people trying to do the same. In Elwynn I would suggest you try the south eastern part. It seems to be less populated. Or, by all means, do this late at night or at weird hours. It took me 3 tries. Thing is, as a Hunter it's easy because in addition to your /target Wild Turkey macro you can throw a Hunter's Mark on the damn turkey and instantly see it on the map. I can't imagine the pain of doing this with another class.

Pilgrim's Peril is a pain in the butt because it implies getting close to the four enemy capitals and sitting at one of their tables. Make sure to wear the holiday chest piece of your choice (that you got as reward from the cooking dailies). The problem here is that while for certain cities you won't get flagged (on a PvE server), for the others you will. Since I'm Alliance, I visited Undercity, Orgrimmar, Thunderbluff and Silvermoon City.

Undercity was the worst. You will get flagged there because you have to step right inside the walls of the city, through the main entrance. Unfortunately for me I was killed about half a dozen times trying to get to a table. The problem was that those damn Hordes were out to play and they killed every single Alliance that stepped close to that place. Hunters' pets were set to aggressive with snares that caught you in place the moment you re-spawned. All I could do was position myself right next to a chair and wait for a moment when they weren't paying attention to jump in the chair. Eventually I did it, even though I died the very next moment. I recovered my body the next morning, early when there weren't people around.

Orgrimmar doesn't flag you but Thunderbluff does. I was an idiot in regards to Thunderbluff because I didn't know where the tables were and I was running around like crazy, while flagged. Eventually I spotted the tables right under the great lift and I sat down at a chair. There weren't many Horde around but then I fumbled and a rogue ganked me. At least this time I managed to fight back but since I'm not much of a PvP player, nor am I geared for it, I died quickly.

After another corpse run I headed to Silvermoon City. That one doesn't flag you either but in any case was totally deserted so I got the achievement easily.

Terrokar Turkey Time can't be solo-ed unless you're 80 and reasonably geared. You need to get inside Sethekk Halls and kill Ikiss (what a dumb name) while wearing a hat and chest piece that you got from the dailies. Sethekk Halls is in Terrokar Forest in Outland. Auchindoun is that round amphitheater-like structure in the middle of the map. When you go inside the entrance just walk into the instance that's straight ahead. Unfortunately you'll have to clear at least half the trash to get to the boss. They are not incredibly hard but I found them pretty challenging even at level 80. Some of those damn bird-men have a nasty habit of throwing a Charm totem which makes you lose control of your character. For me it was bad because my character became hostile towards my pet. Oh well... Just be careful inside, especially as a caster, and don't pull too many mobs or else you're a goner. The boss itself wasn't hard. He has about 80K HP and does some moderate AOE damage but once he starts channeling that, just move behind a column and you should be fine.

Turkey Lurkey is one that I suggest you start doing as soon as you get your first Turkey Shooter. The objective here is to use the shooter on rogues of each race, including the opposite faction. That's 8 in all. While it isn't that hard to find rogues from your own faction (hint: use /who rogue or /who rogue dalaran for example), you won't be able to use the same command for the opposite faction. So you'll have to rely on your good ol' peepers to spot them. Hanging around Dalaran did the trick for me but I also got lucky with an Orc rogue outside of Orgrimmar. In the end I got really lucky because I got 3 of the toughest combinations in a row while spotting for them in Dalaran.

A final tip with this last achievement would be that each time you use the shooter, the item is used up so you will need at the very least 8 of them. Make sure you don't shoot the same race twice or you'll lose a shot. Also, if the person is already a turkey, you will lose the item but not get credit (or so it is said, I haven't experienced that myself).

So there you have it, easy meta-achievement in 2 days. I'm really glad I finished this because now I don't have to worry about doing those dailies anymore and I can concentrate on other things. Good luck to you and if you run into any problems drop me a line in the comments!


Celebrandil said...

As a hunter I didn't care about the Sethekk trash, I just ran a bit and then feigned in a safe corner. Got up again, waited until the cooldown expired, started running, lied down, etc etc. Sethekk Halls is small so you'll get to the boss pretty quick and at 80 he's a pushover.

If you are Horde, go to the field below the Scarlet Monastery (the one with all the spiders) to get your Turkinator achievement. I got it there on the first try, during busy hours, but I was the only one there. I failed several times trying to do it around Brill.

I would have gotten my Pilgrim title yesterday but right before I could shoot my last rogue, someone else beat me to it and I failed to stop the cast. ^^ So my last Turkey Shooter was gone and now I have to wait until tonight to finish another daily.

Shaakka said...

"as a Hunter it's easy because in addition to your /target Wild Turkey macro you can throw a Hunter's Mark on the damn turkey and instantly see it on the map."

You can simply track beasts. Yep, the turkeys don't count as critters but as regular beasts. This makes things a lot easier for a hunter.

Another tip that might work for the Turkey Lurkey: if you're having problems finding that elusive dwarf rogue (or -insert race- rogue), go to that race's starting zone. In my realm, I've found that people are simply rolling rogue alts to help their friends getting the achievement. Chances are they will let you have a shot at them too (I found a very kind dwarf rogue that was just sitting there, removing the turkey disguise as soon as he was getting one, so everybody could shoot him).

Celebrandil said...

I was in Dalaran yesterday looking for some rogues but obviously they were all being ganked and either fled the city or didn't bother removing the turkey buff. But then I saw a night elf, gnome and dwarf rogue dancing at the fountain, all level 1, all from the same guild, and they immediately removed the buff when you shot them. I could cross three races off my list, and that was very sweet. A really nice service, shows that there are still decent people on my realm.

Wookie7 said...

I absolutely despise the Turkinator achievement. It's been so irritating, that I decided against going for this holiday. I literally tried to get it for 3 hours, and got stacks of 31, 33, and 35 before running across someone else and losing the stack. Aaarrrgghhh! And, due to a job and family, I am not sacrificing my sleep time to try to do it at 3am.

However, I do have some advice for others being frustrated -- especially non-Hunters. First, get Tracker Snacks -- and turn off any other gathering tracking that you may have on. Tracker Snacks will track all beasts on your mini-map. Next, whether Alliance or Horde, go to Tirisfal Glade. It's more open than Elwynn Forest. The area right next to the Bulwark has a large selection of Turkey's, and since they are the only neutral critters in that area, only they will show up yellow on your mini-map. And, of course, try to do it during off-hours. Good luck!

Myka said...

I was very luck and not died making the Pilgrim's Peril achievement. I'm Horde and is a pain, every time, to make these achievements who requires to visit all the enemy capitals. Darnassus and Exodar is the worse, because they are all in islands only acessible for boats. This time, no level 80 is in the way, only a guard in Darnassus was trying to stop me, but I run away and lost the aggro, and immediatelly, came back and sit in a chair and run back to the boat to Exodar, and there, only a low level draenei greet me. :D

Darth Solo said...

@Celebrandil I forgot all about Feign Death! That would have been much easier, I concur.

@Shaakka very valid points. I considered using tracking but then I imagined that Hunter's Mark would be more accurate. That's another good tip with the starting area.

@Wookie7 hey that's a great tip regarding those snacks. I had forgotten they existed. I even know the recipe if I'm not mistaken.

@Myka yeah I almost felt bad about the Hordes that were on the boat to Darnassus. But then again, they were also jerks when I attempted Undercity.

Celebrandil said...

On Sunday I was trying to go to Darnassus for the achievement, but there must have been some kind of bug - dozens of Horde's were literally waiting for over half an hour and no boat showed up in Auberdine. We saw the Exodar and Stormwind boat arrive on the other docks at least a dozen times, but the Darnassus boat simply did not come. I opened a ticket and logged out, and when I logged back in later that day (still on the Auberdine docks), the GM had answered. Of course he said there was no bug and everything worked fine. Anyway, finally the boat came and I was able to finish that achievement. Pretty annoying, and the usual denials from Blizzard.

Darth Solo said...

@Celebrandil haha that's epic! I can just imagine it: hundreds of Hordies waiting for a boat that never arrives!