Sunday, September 20, 2009

Vanity Pets #74 & #75 - Lil' Smoky & Pet Bombling

As an Engineer, one has access to 2 extra vanity pets that other professions can't ever acquire. These pets can be crafted from patterns that come from Gnomeregan. They are Lil' Smoky and Pet Bombling.

Until recently, I believe you needed to be specialized in either Gnomish Engineering or Goblin Engineering to learn either one or the other pet, but not both. Now, this has changed. You don't need any specialization and you can learn both pets at once. Now that's another Engineering perk for you!

How do you acquire the patterns for these pets then? As I mentioned already, they are both found in Gnomeregan and the drop rate is very high which means you can easily get both with a single foray inside the instance.

Schematic: Lil' Smoky has a high chance to drop from 3 types of mobs: Crowd Pummeler 9-60, Arcane Nullifier X-21 and Peacekeeper Security Suit. The first of these is a boss but he didn't drop the schematic for me. I got mine from an Arcane Nullifier. You will find those on the last stretch of corridor towards Mekgineer Thermaplugg's chamber.

Schematic: Pet Bombling has a 100% drop rate from Mekgineer Thermaplugg, the final boss of Gnomeregan. Enough said here. Get to him, kill him and the schematic is yours.

And that's it. One short trip inside Gnomeregan and you've got yourself 2 new pets. Of course, you need to craft them first. The mats aren't very expensive but there's a lot of them and you might need to learn some new patterns, especially if you've power-leveled your engineering.

Here are the two pets in action.


Bloodshrike said...

Grats on getting the plans! When I had my DK level up engineering, I had to run Gnomer about 5x to get the Lil Smokey plans to drop. 20x Arcane Nullifiers each run, plus all the other trash I had to wade thru, made it kinda agonizing.

Darth Solo said...

Was this before or after 3.1(?)
I guess I was lucky then.