Friday, September 18, 2009

Shooting for the Gold Cap

Here's a bit of trivia. Did you know that the gold cap in World of Warcraft is exactly 214,748 Gold, 36 Silver and 47 Copper?

Now what is this gold cap? Well, this is the maximum amount of gold/silver/copper that you can accumulate on a single character in WoW. Not many people know about this limitation and a lot more will never even see a tenth of this amount in their WoW career.

So what's the deal with this weird number? What's up with this odd amount? Why isn't it 200,000G 00S 00C or 250,000G 00S 00C? That's because Blizzard is most likely using a 32-bit signed integer as the data type for the gold amount field in their database. Wikipedia has more on this for those interested.

2147483647 translates into the same amount in Coppers, which is also equal to 214,748 Gold 36 Silver 47 Copper since 100 Copper = 1 Silver and 100 Silver = 1 Gold.

Although this may seem like a huge amount, there are many players of WoW that have reached this Gold limit, not just on one character but on several. That's just by playing the game legally (not buying gold). Most of these players make huge amounts of Gold by manipulating or selling stuff on the Auction House.

Recently I got the notion that I might give the Gold Cap a shot. Is this an impossible endeavor? I wouldn't think so. It is certainly within my reach, provided I don't get tired of the game soon. Even though I don't have the time and dedication that those other players have, I see it as a challenge, as an achievement of sorts. Just like in real life, I like to have financial security in game. Currently I'm hovering close to the 50K Gold mark. 214K is a little over 4x my current amount. It doesn't seem unobtainable.

As time goes by, gold becomes easier to earn although costs also rise but not proportionally. There are more opportunities to make a buck than ever. Back in Classic WoW, most of us barely managed to make enough gold to buy the epic mount. These days, it's easy for most players to make that 5000 gold for their epic mount.

I won't actively pursue this new goal but I will definitely keep it in mind. I will try to be more thrifty when buying personal items and more shrewd on the AH, because I will be making most of this gold on the Auction House, either by speculating or by selling crafted goods.

What about you? Have you ever dreamed of having so much gold? Do you think the level cap can be easily reached?


Bloodshrike said...

It can be reached, it just takes dedication. Also, it seems easier to do so by just selling mats, instead of finished products, unless you've got a rare, RARE pattern that lots of people want. For instance, on Demon Soul, I bought the recipe for Enchant Weapon - Spellpower, which drops of MC bosses. At 1k gold, it was a hefty price to pay, but the scrolls will sell on the AH for 500 g each, so it was well worth the price.

My advice is to go for things that you can get cheap or free, yet sell for a high price. Instead of grinding mobs for hours hoping for a Fiery/Dark/Azure whelpling, try camping the different raptor spawns, which have a 100% drop of the raptor hatchlings, and will sell for a high price.
On each of my 3 servers, I have toons stationed at the Razormaw Matriarch/Takk the Leaper/Dart spawn points, with my level 61 rogue on Demon Soul also trying to camp the Ravasaur Matriarch in Un'Goro. Logging in to each of those toons once or twice a night, pressing my /target hotkey, and seeing if I got lucky, probably takes about 20 minutes for all 10 toons each time. I usually get 1-2 hatchlings each run through, spread across the servers, which keeps me from getting annoyed at not being able to catch them at the right moment on only one server.

Anonymous said...

I think the way to do it is definitely via playing the Auction House, because it's possible to make a lot of money pretty easily. Indeed, right now I've invested about 500g buying herbs which I plan to convert to glyphs and sell again - the projected profit from that is about 1300g, if each glyph sells for just 5g.

My point is that I invested 500g for a total return of 1800g, so if you have the better part of 50k to mess about with, you could get returns which are much greater.

It'll be interesting to see how you do anyway :D Good luck!

Darth Solo said...

@Bloodshrike if I had toons to spare maybe I would camp those spots. Actually I do have 4-5 toons that could do this but meh, my lazy side is shining through. Besides, I would have to give the first pet drop to my hunter so he can complete his collection.

@veliaf I think so too. I'm actually considering trying to run a monopoly on certain items for a while. Not now though, I need some more capital before I can attempt this. I also need to pick my item(s) very carefully. There's a chance that the whole thing might backfire on me but meh, I'm curious what the results might be.

Geforce said...

I started playing again in July with my goal making gold, Now I have several vanity stuff bought and 101k in cash :) Its pretty easy to make, if you use your time searching for ways(not paying for any gold guides either)

Geforce said...

Sorry for double post,
forgot to add: my playtime averages 30-40 mins /day in the week and 3hrs day weekend, Moneyfu averages my gold /hr on 1.2-2k :)

Darth Solo said...

@Geforce respect! You're better than me bro :)

Bloodshrike said...

@Darth- heh, it's worse than you think. The first 10 drops on each server, of each type, will go to my toons, since they all have pet collections. The Razormaw and Darting ones seem to be easier to get, whereas the Ravasaur Matriarch is constantly camped.

Darth Solo said...

Oh boy I don't even wanna think what life would be like if I had to get vanity pets and complete achievements on each of my characters.