Saturday, September 19, 2009


Jeeves is the culmination of all things Engineering, at least at this point in time. Who knows what wonderful gadgets Blizzard will throw our way in future patches and expansions? For now though, Jeeves is the king of uber-cool. As far as I'm concerned.

You see, even though I don't raid (I'm a solo player, y'know), there's nothing I don't enjoy more than solo-ing old instances and in spite of having 3x 20-slot bags and 1x 22-slot bag and entering one of these instances with 3 empty bags, I will always fill them up halfway through the dungeon. I like to do a full clear of these dungeons because some old items fetch a very good price in the Auction House.

Jeeves solves these problems for me. Coupled with MOLL-E, I shouldn't have any more bag-full problems while solo-ing a dungeon. Ever.

It's just that there are a few small problems with obtaining Jeeves. Luckily, all of them can be solved on your own. No raid or even group needed.

The first problem is that Jeeves requires 450 Engineering. 440 is relatively easy to reach but the last 10 points could be hard to grind. In my previous post on Engineering, I explained how I reached 450 skill.

Did you just reach Engineering 450 and thought you could simply go to the trainer and learn the schematic for Jeeves? Think again young Padawan. Jeeves only drops in certain instances but, more importantly, also drops from certain mobs outside of any instance. The easiest way to get his schematic is to head to Storm Peaks around the coordinates 38,42 where your task is to demolish Library Guardians. After killing them, use the Engineer's Salvage skill on them, which is like a gathering skill inside a profession (uber cool, I tell ya). At some point, one of them will drop Jeeves' schematic. If you think you will have to grind forever and a day, don't fret. Mine dropped in less than 24 minutes of killing these guys. Even better, there were a couple of other people in the area killing them and they were non-engineers, so I could just run around and salvage all the bodies they left behind.

Your journey has just started. Looking over the list of mats required to craft Jeeves, you will probably be dismayed. I mean, c'mon...
2x Field Repair Bot 74A
10x Field Repair Bot 110G
20x Scrapbot Construction Kit
8x Titansteel Bar
2x King's Amber
30x Handful of Cobalt Bolts

That's a shitload of mats and components. Not only that, but if you are a fresh Engineer like I am, you will realize that you are missing 3 important schematics for the repair bots. A quick check with your Engineer trainer will reveal that he doesn't teach these schematics. Now you are really in a pickle, aren't you?

Now quite. Once again, it is relatively easy to obtain the patterns for these repair bots. Of course, if you are impatient and/or you have a lot of money to waste, you could always buy them from the Auction House. Me, I preferred to acquire them on my own. This way, the final goal tastes sweeter.

The Scrapbot Construction Kit is easily obtained from a quest that you will most likely stumble upon while grinding the mobs for Jeeves. One of them will drop a SCRAP-E Access Card item that starts a quest. It pays if you already carry the materials needed for this quest. If not, just craft them and return to the place where you were grinding the Library Guardians. Go inside the main building at the top of the stairs where you'll find a bot with the question mark above its head. Hand in the mats and you will be asked to interact with a console which teaches you the pattern for Scrapbot Construction Kit.

Field Repair Bot 110G is also easy to obtain but requires you to make a trip to Outland, Blade's Edge Mountains to be more precise. There, you'll want to grind Gan'Arg Analyzers. One of them will drop the recipe which has a very high drop rate (20% or so). It took me less than 1 minute from the time I started killing them until I got the drop. It was my 2nd or 3rd mob.

Until now it's been easy. Now comes the hard part. Field Repair Bot 74A is a lot harder to obtain. That's because it is found in Blackrock Depths. Deep inside. And that's one of the most convoluted instances in WoW and certainly the longest. It pays if you know the instance but it took me a while to figure it out. It also pays if you already have the Shadowforge Key (which I didn't have). I'm not going to explain in detail how to get to the schematic. Please read the Wowhead instructions that other players have already provided. Those instructions aren't very clear though and I had a hard time finding my way around. I also got lost a few times and I didn't even get to Emperor Thaurissan whom I wanted to kill for the achievement. The Field Repair Bot 74A schematic is next to a boss named Golem Lord Argelmach. It lies on the ground and only engineers can interact with it. Once again, read the Wowhead comments on how to get there. I wouldn't be able to explain it to you at any rate.

Now that you have all the important ingredients, start crafting! At this point, if you don't already possess 8x Titansteel Bars (I already had a bunch of these bars), you'll find that these run you 1000+ Gold on the Auction House. Ouch! Depending on your server's economy, the King's Amber will cost another 200-300 Gold. Double ouch!

If you've finally managed to assemble all these materials, you can finally begin crafting your Jeeves. Notice that I didn't even mention the mats required to craft the 3 types of repair bots. On their own, those are another story but the mats are a lot cheaper than what's required for Jeeves.

Finally, you've crafted Jeeves , the pinnacle of your Engineering career. Good job! From here, you can look down on all the lesser mortals and sneer at them while their bags are overflowing and their gear is falling apart.

Hoping that this account of how to craft Jeeves was useful, here's a screenshot of my Engineer Hunter with his new butler at his side.


Jederus said...

Grats mate! That's a fantastic schematic and a great tip as to how to obtain it. Thanks!

Geforce said...

Nice one, makes me want to drop a proff for engineering :)

Darth Solo said...

@Jederus thanks!

@Geforce maybe you could drop a gathering profession if you have one. I dropped Herbalism for Engineering and I think I made the right choice. If that's not possible, I guess you could try leveling another char.

Joar said...

Darth - I gotta tell you - I had been thinking all along that engineering was likely one of those professions that I could live without. But now, I'm not so sure. That just looks way too cool! Particularly since I've got a couple of toons with maxed mining, that should give me a little extra access to the mats needed.


Darth Solo said...

@David I tend to agree. I'm entertaining the notion of learning engineering on my Orc Shaman who's alone on another server. On the other hand, it doesn't make me a lot of money. The gadgets it creates are useful on their own but it's hard to make any gold from them.

JohnnyG said...

It's true that you don't make a lot of gold from the engineering itself. But the high-end engineering tools can be a big help to you while you use your gathering skill for cash generation. My warlock has maxed mining and engineering. Having Jeeves along on a mining run can make sure that, when I run out of room in my bag, I can clear it out and start over.

The epic goggles are great and the armor additions are really helpful too. The wormhole generator lets me get around Northrend quickly - or even just get to it if I don't have a hearthstone available. There's a 4-hour cooldown, but I don't need it that often. The parachute helps a lot if I happen to teleport into mid-air (as I typically do over Borean Tundra). The absorption shield is great for unexpected aggro - especially in Icecrown. (I don't think it works in PvP though - at least I haven't seen it work there yet.) That's more important to me because, as a lock, my armor is basically wet toilet paper.

But if you combine it with the portable mailbox and Jeeves, it's a gold farming dream. :) You just need to get back to the AH and sell your stuff.

Darth Solo said...

@John right on man! I've also got mining and engineer on my Hunter and it's really cool. I don't farm very much these days though but all those other tools come in handy.

Eric said...

I actually got the Jeeves schematic questing in Borean Tundra just east of Fizzcrank Airstrip...Believe me, I was totally shocked and surprised! :D I'm at 441 engineering, pining for the day I can make my Jeeves!

Skraps said...

I got into engineering back in BC for the uber sweet tanking goggles. I have enjoyed engineering ever since, although I have been sort of neglecting my engineer since Wrath. He is sitting at 73 just waiting for me to level him and start tanking heroics.

Darth Solo said...

@Eric, yes those mechanical dudes in Borean Tundra also drop the schematic.

Dalaila ShadowsongEU said...

This trick is AWESOME for BRD

1) Be level 80, for simplicity (if you're not, bring a friend or two)
2) Direbrew Remote (yours or a friend's)
3) Turn right, out of the 'tavern'
3) Cross the bridge
5) Turn right (room), plans are on the floor

Darth Solo said...

Oh dang. Too bad I got the remote waaaay after I finished the whole Jeeves episode. But it's good to know for people who might need this.

Anonymous said...

Very nice tip! I went to the coords and the schematic dropped on the FIRST guard I killed.


manufreak101 said...

I've got a real ugent question,
How do you salvage one of them bots?
I'm currently at 441 at Engineering and still don't know how to salvage :S
Please help D:

Darth Solo said...

You just right-click on the body (after it's been looted). The skill is intrinsic, i.e. you get it automatically with engineering from a certain level I believe. At 441 you definitely have it.

When you hover the cursor over a mob that's salvageable it turns into a gear shape (I'm not certain, haven't done it in a while) but in any case it changes from the default cursor.

Also, only mechanical mobs are salvageable.

manufreak101 said...

Okay, thanks,
I'll try it out today :D

Anonymous said...

it sure works , think 40 min solo killing and the pattrn dropped from dismanteling liberian gardians , thanks mate !! :)

Darth Solo said...

Depends on your luck but in general it should take less than 30 minutes for the pattern to drop.