Sunday, August 30, 2009

Vanity Pet #67 - Muckbreath

Ever since fishing was completely revamped, in patch 3.1 I believe, which makes it many months ago, I did my Shattrath fishing dailies faithfully, in the hope of getting the 4 "bucket" pets as a reward. These pets are: Muckbreath, Chuck, Snarly and Toothy. All four pets are basically the same type of animal, i.e. a baby crocolisk but they have different names and slightly different skin tones.

So I've been fishing for these for months and not one of them has dropped. Apparently the drop rate was something like 2% which in practical terms means forever. I even found the Magical Crawdad a long while back and still my luck with these "bucketeers" was down.

Then, after patch 3.2 I chanced to look over's page for one of these pets and I saw a note there: "As of patch 3.2, the drop rate from the [Bag of Fishing Treasures] that drops this pet was improved significantly from around 2% to roughly 50%." Wow! So I went to complete my Shattrath fishing dailies with renewed vigor.

Apparently the RNG is the RNG so it took me another week of daily questing before I saw the first of these pets: Muckbreath.

Here's the little bugger with its huge, teary baby eyes. Sickeningly cute!


Narillan said...

Yeah I am so glad they upped the rate on the crocs dropping. Before 3.2 I didn't have a single one and I've been trying for months. A guildie I knew has been trying the entire time it has been in game and didn't have a single one.

He now has them all. I have three of them and I'm working on getting Chuck. He's the last one I need. :D

Geforce said...

yeah nice :) I got 3 of em since 3.2 hit live :D

Darth Solo said...

@Geforce I hate you!... just kidding! I'm hoping to get all 4 pretty soon. I love it when Blizzard make these small convenience changes.