Monday, August 24, 2009

Vanity Pet #66 - Black Tabby

These days I'm steadily buying vanity pets that I'm missing from the Auction House. Specifically those that require lots of grinding and/or are very rare. Finally, I caved in and bought a Black Tabby which is a Horde-only pet so there's no way it can be brought over to the Alliance side unless you have friends on the Horde side or you have access to another WoW account.

I bought it for a "reasonable" price of 850 gold which although may seem a lot, I can tell you I've been watching this pet for months and it has never dropped below 900 gold. And before you ask, I didn't try the neutral Auction Houses. I'm too lazy to do that. So this makes pet #66 for my Hunter main. Just another expensive pet and to my surprise it isn't even that "black" as the name suggests. It's merely striped dark-gray. Judge for yourselves.


Celebrandil said...

That's the one that only drops from the Dalaran mages in Silverpine, which are friendly to the Alliance. And a pain in the ass to all Horde players, usually Undeads, that are levelling in that area.

Are you using an addon to manage your pets? I'm using Mountiful which lets you manage your pets and mounts, so now I only have three buttons left - one for 100% ground mounts, one for 280% flying mounts (still don't have any 310%) and one for pets. The addon then just randomly selects a mount or pet. Very conveniently!

Darth Solo said...

I don't use an addon. Just a macro that summons pets randomly. I'm also using a macro for my mounts but only so far as to summon fliers where I can fly and ground mounts where I can't. I haven't started to collect mounts and I don't think I ever will. Simply too expensive and time-consuming.

Trigger said...

Ironic you call it expensive after paying 850g for a vanity pet :P

Darth Solo said...

@Trigger well, there are even more expensive ones. Like I said, this is the first time I've seen it under 900. I'm slowly completing my collection of vanity pets but I'm not spending all my gold on them. Whenever I have a surplus, I buy another pet.