Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Easy Gold: Viking Warhammer

An anonymous reader has just given a great tip in the comments under my Easy Gold: The Butcher post. Unfortunately I can't give credit to him/her but I wanted to put this out there so that more people can see it.

The Viking Warhammer is the item in question. Watch out for it on the Auction House, snipe it when you find it dirt cheap and sell it for a hefty markup. Same drill as for The Butcher. The Viking Warhammer is a world drop so there might be few of those on the AH but check for it often nonetheless. I would suggest to buy whenever it's at or under 100 gold and sell for 200 gold or more. Of course, this is all server-dependent.

The Viking Warhammer should be very attractive for Enhancement Shamans, just as The Butcher was very attractive to sword Rogues. Other classes can also find good uses for this 1-handed mace but from my personal experience, an Enhancement Shaman would be very happy to own this weapon.

Once again, thanks to my anonymous reader for this tip!

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