Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Argent Tournament Dailies: How to Defeat the Valiants

OK, I finally got the nerve to attempt jousting those Valiants again, for the daily quest The Grand Melee. And this time I beat all 3 of them on the first try. I got inspiration from the quest comments on Wowhead.

My strategy was slightly different from the first comment, or exactly the same as another comment down the line. The 3 Valiants I fought (you can only fight 1 of each type every hour) were from Gnomeregan (Gnome), Stormwind (Human) and Darnassus (Night Elf). Since they have slightly different abilities, this strategy might not work with others but I will try nonetheless, for the hilariously named Lance a Lot achievement.

So here's how to do it, my style:
  1. Before I challenge a Valiant, I build up the full 3 Shield charges.
  2. Challenge the guy and immediately Melee him.
  3. Keep Melee-ing him, all the while making sure your 3 Shield charges are always up.
  4. When he starts to ride away, immediately throw a Shield-Breaker on him and immediately follow him. This will prevent him from using his own Shield-Breaker or Charge.
  5. Melee him again as soon as you get close.
  6. If you have less than 3 Shield charges, replenish them. Only replenish when you are Melee-ing him, since the Shield and Melee are on different cooldowns.
  7. Rinse, repeat.
  8. Gratz you've just kicked ass.


Unknown said...

I was doing all my fights this way. It is quicker to charge them right away and then continue to charge them when they run away. You just have to make sure to close to melee with them immediately after the charge or they will charge you back.

Snykx said...

Wow thanks for these tips. Every other site out there goes way into to much details. Love this... quick, simple, and I finally know what the heck im doing!! Thanks!

Darth Solo said...

Actually my strategy is a bit outdated. What @Notahiro said above is a much better way. The basics:
- keep 3 Shield Charges at all time
- Charge when they more away
- after a Charge try to circle around and throw a Shield-Breaker
...that's it :)