Saturday, March 28, 2009

Vanity Pets #41 & #42 - Smolderweb Hatchling & Word Pup

Today I decided to go after the two pets (Smolderweb Hatchling and Worg Pup) that are rewarded from the Kibler's Exotic Pets and En-Ay-Es-Tee-Why quests, that are completed in Blackrock Depths. Wowhead has in-depth comments on how to get these pets so I won't rehash this here. Also, there's a nice guide here.

I actually attempted these quests last night but I got hopelessly lost inside BRD. Back in vanilla WoW, before BC, I did all of these dungeons with my hunter main, the same character that I am getting all the pets for. Back then, LBRS and especially UBRS were tough. Now, those elite mobs barely make a scratch on my tank pet and they go down in a couple of hits. I can also AOE large numbers of them easily. It gives you a great sense of power to 1-man an entire dungeon that was very hard to complete by five people a couple of years back.

Lower Blackrock Spire where the 2 quests can be completed is a maze. After finishing the quests I decided to hang around for a while and see where I end up. Almost by accident I completed the Lower Blackrock Spire achievement when I killed Overlord Wyrmthalak.

As easy as these old dungeons are, not many of them are worth farming for gold and items IMO. I got a crapload of runecloth (doesn't sell for much, probably gonna tailor and then disenchant it) but also a lot of blue items, which were unfortunately BOP, all of them. So as far as profit is concerned, meh. However, I came to re-appreciate the beauty of classic WoW and the work that was put into making these dungeons.

Since achievements open a whole new world of exploration and feats that can be performed on your own, this is pretty much what I have in mind for my hunter main in the future.


Anonymous said...

Wow, you don't sell Runecloth? It's used for rep turn-ins so it's a pretty hot commodity at the AH on many servers.

Darth Solo said...

For some reason it doesn't seem to sell for a lot on my server. Or maybe I screwed up and failed to look it up properly. Gonna have to check on that. Thanks for the heads-up.