Sunday, March 15, 2009

Keeping Your Sanity

Achievements... some people hate them but most love them. Those who hate them claim that achievements are turning World of Warcraft into an arcade game. Well, I can't say I'm one of those players who feels like they have to complete every single achievement but I kinda dig them.

As a casual player, there are a lot of achievements that are simply not accessible to me and this includes all the high level dungeons and PvP. However, there are still tons that anyone can complete, as long as they have the time to do it.

I decided to view achievements as a fun thing to do rather than something compulsory. Also, in order to Keep My Sanity I will have to restrict deliberate achievements to my main, i.e. my 80 dwarf hunter. Although I enjoy my death knight and my horde shaman a lot, I'm not going to seek achievements on those characters. It is simply too much. Yes, many people like to do that and kudos to them if they have the time but this is where I'm drawing the line. I'll pimp out my main and that's about it.


Trygothian - Night Elf,Death Knight said...

I persoanlly like the achievements, however I feel like it distracts alot of players from the game. I have a friend who is 76 and was due to be 80 a long time ago yet is still stuck there because he is hellbent on doing achievments. It would make achievements alot more useful if you could buy things with your points such as emblems of heroism. So all in all I like the addition of achievements but I do feel it distracts people alot.

Darth Solo said...

That's why I think it's a good idea to actively pursue achievements only when you've reached 80. On the other hand, if that's what pushes your friend's buttons, why not? It's his way of having fun. Personally, I won't even think about achievements (unless it's something directly in my way) before I'm max level. And only on my main. Even then, there's not enough time to do everything that I would like.

Trygothian, Night Elf, Death Knight said...

O definetly, you got a good point i mean if thats what floats his boat then all the more power to him! im currently doing "the explorer" achievement and i tell ya it is a PAIN at the moment I have explored all of outlands and I am working my way up the eastern kingdoms, im at hillsbrad at the moment then I have all of Kalimdor and bits of Northrend, *sigh*

Darth Solo said...

Hopefully you've read my article on the very same topic:

I can't say I really enjoyed this achievement but as long as you don't try to do it all in the same day, it should be just about tolerable.

Make sure you take a screenshot when you discover the very last zone! And don't hide the interface because you won't see the achievement.

Happy explorin' man!